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David’s Tea Haul (2)– Blame the Bloggers Edition

I’ve decided to share all my recent hauls because that way when I actually set the rules and post about my ‘no-buy’ you’ll be able to understand that I really do not need more tea or polish! Tea is so tempting because I drink it daily, and I can buy it in 20 g packages for about $3. I love switching up my flavours, and when I finished one 20 g bag I immediately went out and got more. Whoops. Now that I know the truth about David’s Tea and artificial flavours, I came prepared with a list in advance and made sure not to pick up any that contained them.

And yes, I had just picked up tea, including Cocoa Canela which is not pictured, but I did get another 25 g bag as well on a second visit the next day. I decided to do it while they were selling them at the discounted price of $2.50 for 25 g. Anyways, this is sure to last me for a long time and you’ll definitely see reviews of all these flavours on Writing Whimsy in the future.

I picked up two green teas and two oolongs, neither of which I really have in my collection (I do have a bit of Prairie Berry left) so that makes it totally justified, right?

davids tea haul

All of the flavours I picked up were ones that had been recommended to me by other bloggers, so I’d like to blame YOU for this.

Genmaicha was a recommendation from Melissa, over at Claw of Cthulhu, and it’s a green tea with toasted rice. I actually think that I may not like green tea, but the guy in the store informed me I might just be over-brewing it as I like strong tea and usually let it steep a long time, which you really can’t do with green tea. So I’ll make sure to pay attention when I make this!

(Organic) Detox is a green tea with rooibos, ginger, and lemongrass that is a favourite of Kylie, over at Eat. Play. Write.

(Organic) The Skinny was a second recommendation from Melissa that smells like orange and oolong. It also has some pu’erh in it, and considering the tea I actually finished was a pu’erh one, this is again, totally justified.

Pineapple Oolong was 100% the fault of Lesley, at Petite Pear Style. I actually bought 30 g instead of 20 for this because it smelled so delicious! Sadly, I ordered it as an iced tea the next day and did not like it, but I’m hoping I like it warm or maybe it does need a dash of honey as I always make my teas without sweetener. I’m not giving up on it yet!

I’m going to ask you NOT to recommend any other teas in the comments, haha, instead just tell me about how I should drink and enjoy these 5 before purchasing any more! I’ll be posting about my “no-buy” very soon!

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