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David’s Tea: Pom Tango and Forever Nuts


So despite recently writing about how I won’t be purchasing any more of the “flavoured” David’s Tea (click here to find out why), I still have a bunch in my stash, and I’ll be drinking them until they’re finished. With that in mind, I figure I might as well share the teas I’m drinking because artificial flavours aside, it is delicious. These are my two current favourite David’s Teas, and they are the only ones I bought in 100g and I definitely didn’t regret it (until I found out about the artifical flavours…)

pom tango davids tea

The first tea is a seasonal spring one, Pom Tango, which blends chunks of mango, black tea, and pomegrante seeds. It’s a really juicy and delicious tea. I’ve been drinking it warm but I know this one would also be delicious iced, it doesn’t need any sugar and is just the right amount of sweet on its own. The mango flavour is the strongest in the tea, along with black tea, but it does have a slight hint of the pomegranate. It’s also a great tea for brewing more than once, because the flavour is so strong it taste just as good with a second cup.

Unfortunately, Pom Tango is probably not available for purchase anymore because it was limited edition/seasonal, which is actually not that unfortunate because it’s one less tea I’ll be tempted to buy!

david's tea forever nuts

Forever Nuts basically tastes like apple cider, it is warm and wintery and full of almond and apples and cinnamon and absolutely delicious. It’s another tea that is sweet and fruity enough I think it could be delicious iced as well. It has beetroot in it that makes it bright pink. It also has artificial flavouring… sigh. If that doesn’t bother you, this is probably my favourite David’s Tea that I’ve tried and I highly recommend it.

I do have a Turkish apple tea that is quite delicious, but the almond aspect of Forever Nuts is something I really like. I also think it’s the kind of tea that people who don’t like tea would still like. There aren’t any actual tea leaves in it, which makes it caffeine free, and nutty and fruity in flavour.

Honestly, I loved both Pom Tango and Forever Nuts, and if they didn’t have artificial flavouring I would be so happy to keep repurchasing them. But that’s the unfortunate truth, and I will definitely be a tiny bit sad when they’re finished. If the flavouring bit doesn’t bother you, you should check these out!

Have you tried Pom Tango or Forever Nuts? Now that I won’t be repurchasing them, do you know of any teas with similar flavours (but all natural) I might be able to replace them with?

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