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David’s Tea: Organic Berry Good and Praire Berry

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I love David’s Tea, so after my disappointment with Organic Superberry (which I reviewed here) I decided the best solution was to head back to the store to test out some more of their berry teas, of which there are quite a few. After smelling four different options, including Bear Trap and Blueberry Jam neither of which I purchased, I settled on a taste of Berry Good and Prairie Berry. I also had recently had the brilliant realization that I don’t have to buy the tea in large quantities, so I settled on simple 20g bags instead of the usual 50g so that I could try more than one and hopefully fall in love.

Now the question is, did I find that berry tea I’d been longing for?

organic berry good david's tea

The first tea I tested out was Organic Berry Good, which is pu’erh tea which is a type I’m not familiar. The tea also contains blackberry leaves, strawberries, strawberry leaves and hibiscus. The main smell I got was definitely strawberry, and the first time I tried it had quite a light flavour even though I steeped it for quite awhile.  The second time I brewed it, I just left the tea leaves in the whole time and I definitely preferred it that way, although it’s still not incredibly strong. Organic Berry Good is a great David’s Tea choice if you’re looking for something that’s not overpowering or bitter. It’s smooth, clean, and easy to drink, with a sweetness that tastes mainly of strawberry, along with some other notes that likely come from the pu’erh and blackberry.

Overall Organic Berry Good is pleasant and enjoyable, perfect for those time you want something light and warming. It also has a medium caffeine level. I won’t be drinking this every day but I can definitely see myself buying a little more in the future. It’s a delicious tea even if it doesn’t quite satisfy my dark berry craving.

prairie berry david's teaThe second David’s Tea I tested out was Prairie Berry, which was recommended to me in-store and immediately got my attention with its maple and berry scent. It’s an oolong tea, and the main ingredients include cranberries, blueberries, Saskatoon berries, and maple syrup. On brewing, this one didn’t have an incredibly strong berry flavour either but I definitely enjoyed it. I think what I was getting is more oolong with a touch of maple syrup, because the flavour itself is still quite strong, unlike Organic Berry Good, it just wasn’t focused on the berry element. I was going to describe the Saskatoon berry flavour as a mix between cranberry and blueberry, but it turns out both of those are in the tea! Whoops. I was disappointed not to really get a taste that matched the amazing smell of the tea, but I still enjoyed drinking it.

Prairie Berry is quite sweet on its own and tastes good even when my cup got cold. It also has medium caffeine, and I really appreciate how easy it is to find out the caffeine level at David’s Tea. I do feel like this tea is growing on me, since it wasn’t what I expected but it’s one I’ve found myself reaching for a few times since I bought it.

Ultimately, I ended up with two great teas, both of which I prefer to Organic Superberry, but neither of which quite met my berry criteria. Now that I’ve realized I can buy smaller batches, I’m thinking I might end up testing out Bear Trap and Blueberry Jam next time I binge at David’s Tea, so if you’re curious about those, you can likely expect to see reviews of them in the coming months as well.

Have you tried either of these teas? Do you have a berry tea you love, either from David’s Tea, or elsewhere? Let me know!

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