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Cozy Comforts from Lush, Avon & DAVIDsTEA

Cozy Comforts from Lush, Avon & DAVIDsTEAIt’s almost midway into November and that means two things: the countdown to the holidays is on (hence, lots of holiday content coming your way shortly!) and it’s cold outside. At least where I live in Canada it is. If the only thing cold about where you live is when you turn the air conditioning up too high, I’ll talk to you again in June.

Cold weather really makes me want to cozy up inside with a warm bath, a warm cup of tea and a warm candle. Not all at the same time, but often all in the same evening. Hence, the theme of the month for the Canadian Beauty Blogger Network is Cozy Comforts, and I’m sharing three of mine from Lush, Avon and DAVIDsTEA.

lush twilight bath bomb 2 lush twilight bath bomb 3 lush twilight bath bombI’ll have a bath year-round because I love baths, but they are especially satisfying in the colder weather. I really love adding a little something extra to my bath, and usually that comes from Lush. The Lush Twilight Bath Bomb* has a soft lavender scent to help give you a more restful sleep, with some sweetness from tonka absolute.

The outside of the Lush Twilight Bath Bomb is a pinky-purple galaxy, and when you pop it in the bath it slowly fizzes and reveals a light blue core. Not all Lush Bath Bombs dissolve at the same speed, and this is definitely a slower one, which I enjoy. The water turns a light purple filled with shimmer. I have a small bath so I only use half a bath bomb at a time, but you would probably get a more vibrant colour with the whole thing. As long as you don’t mind a little shimmer,  a soothing lavender bath with the  Lush Twilight Bath Bomb is the perfect way to relax before bed on a cold night.

Avon Mandarin Cranberry Candle Avon Mandarin Cranberry Candle 2 With daylight savings, the nights are getting dark a lot earlier, so I reach for candles almost every evening to brighten the room. Of course, my favourite candles are the ones that also add a lovely scent, such as the new holiday Avon Mandarin Cranberry Candle* . Avon candles are actually my favourite brand at the moment, because of the four I’ve tried, they have all burned evenly and really filled the room with their scent. They are also fairly affordable–in comparison to BBW, the full price is only $12.99. You get three wicks, a metal lid, and about 30 hours of burn time.

The Avon Mandarin Cranberry Candle scent is definitely a festive one that combines red berries, mandarin, spruce, cedarwood and amber for a sweet but slightly woodsy aroma. You’ll probably see this in my November empties because I have really loved burning it. It has definitely been a cozy comfort!

DAVIDsTEA Help Has Arrived DAVIDsTEA Help Has Arrived 2Finally, I love tea no matter what in the cold weather, but if you’re feeling under the weather, then it can be especially comforting. There’s an adorable DAVIDsTEA Help Has Arrived Kit* that you can actually order online and ship to a friend with free expedited shipping, so that help really will arrive as soon as possible.

The DAVIDsTEA Help Has Arrived Kit includes 2 sachets of the herbal tea Cold 911 which is perfect soothing tea for before bed due to the peppermint, juniper berries, apple as well as eucalyptus and orange flavouring. For daytime use, there’s 2 sachets of Cold Zing, which I actually quite like even though I don’t often drink green tea. In addition to a little caffeine boost, there are ingredients like lemongrass, peppermint, orange, eleuthero root and echinacea to help you feel better. Finally, the set has a box of 10 lemon honey sticks, which add a nice hint of flavour to the honey and can help sweeten up the tea (although I think they both taste very good on their own!).

The right teas can be incredibly soothing and comforting when sick, so I think the DAVIDsTEA Help Has Arrived Kit  would be such a sweet gift to a friend or loved one.

Cozy Comforts from Lush, Avon & DAVIDsTEA 2My favourite cold weather comforts are candles, baths, and tea so Lush, Avon and DAVIDsTEA definitely have me covered with this cozy trio. What’s your Cozy Comfort?

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