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Color Club Disco Dress Swatch and Review (Featuring LA Colors Starlight)

I have a few older Color Club polishes, but I also recently picked up several more and those include my purple love, Color Club Disco Dress. I just love purple so much, this one called me, and I answered that call.

color club disco dress 2
Color Club Disco Dress dries to a semi-matte neon-type finish in two coats for even, opaque, application. I did find it a bit runny but nothing unmanageable.

color club disco dress 4

I know some people like the neon-finish, but I don’t, so I topped mine with a very glossy Jordana top coat along with an LA Colors glitter accent nail. The glitter is really pretty and comes in an annoying mini from a set I bought ages ago. It’s unnamed, but a little research reveals that it’s actually LA Colors Starlight.

color club disco dress
LA Colors Starlight is incredibly pretty! It’s made up of small silver glitter that reflect a little bit of rainbow. The glitter is also very dense. I would highly consider purchasing this one in a full bottle once I use up this mini (it’s annoying because of the tiny brush!)

color club disco dress 6
When I was first painting my nails using Color Club Disco Dress I was convinced I was going to have to swap this polish because the neon finish would just be too annoying, but once I saw how it looked on my nails I couldn’t give it away. It’s just such a perfect purple, so I’m keeping it and I’ll be use to use my top coat!

color club disco dress 3

There is some tip wear in these photos because it was too dark to take them when I painted my nails initially. They did last a couple days before the wear you see, i just wasn’t able to take photos any sooner.

color club disco dress 5

Overall, I hate the finish but love the shade of Color Club Disco Dress, and I have no complaints except bottle size for LA Colors Starlight.

What do you think of these polishes? Do you hate what neon pigment does to pretty colors as much as I do?

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