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Cold Weather Gift Guide: Lypsyl, Calgon and Yardley

Cold Weather Gift Guide 9Unless you live in some desirable part of the world we won’t talk about, then Christmas usually comes at a time of year that is quite frosty. In preparation for that, I present my Cold Weather Gift Guide–a few affordable suggestions from Lypsyl, Calgon and Yardley that have one thing in common, and that’s moisture for sad dry winter skin.

Cold Weather Gift GuideMy lips definitely get into rough shape as the weather cools, and so I have already gotten a lot of use out of Lypsyl Intensive Care*, a thick petrolatum-based balm that provides a great protective layer on my lips and helps to heal them. I also appreciate that it’s not too strong on the minty weirdness that I’ve found similar balms to be in the past, so it’s easy to reapply–I actually wouldn’t be surprised to find this in my empties by the end of the winter. If you unfortunately suffer from cold sores, there’s also a Lypsyl Extreme Cold Sore Relief*, although I’m lucky enough not to.

Cold Weather Gift Guide 8Earlier this year I offered a Calgon suggestion for Mother’s Day, and while the scent was nice, I am definitely an even bigger fan of this Calgon Lavender Vanilla Hand Gift Set*. It’s a soft, lovely scent that is relaxing and not overpowering. I also think this particular little set is so cute for beside a sink (I have mine in the kitchen) and the snowflakes on the packaging make it especially holiday-friendly. The combination of the hand soap and hand lotion are great, although the soap isn’t drying on its own it’s always nice to follow up with some hand lotion after–and the only way I’ll do that is if it’s actually right beside the soap.

Cold Weather Gift Guide 6 Cold Weather Gift Guide 4I feel like there’s just something so soothing and classic about Yardley soaps, and these three definitely qualify. In particular, the Yardley English Rose* would make a great gift, either the entire set of three, or divided up (they are each individually packaged quite nicely and would be fantastic stocking stuffers). I love the scent rose, so of course that’s a big success for me, but the other two scents are also great as well. Yardley English Lavender* and Oatmeal & Almond Soaps* come in two packs, and are quite large, moisturizing bars. The Lavender is very relaxing and authentic scent, while Oatmeal & Almond is fairly sweet and would be lovely on dry skin.

Cold Weather Gift Guide 3Well that’s it for my first Cold Weather Gift Guide! Lypsyl, Calgon and Yardley can all be found at your local drugstore, and the brands have fantastic scents and moisturizing products. What’s on your cold weather wishlist?

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