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Clinique Lid Pop Eyeshadows Swatches + Review

Clinique Lid Pop Willow Pop Eyeshadow Swatch

I already adored the Clinique Cheek Pop Blushes so I was pretty excited to learn that the brand was launching a version for the eyes as well. The Clinique Lid Pop Eyeshadows are available in 8 different shades and I have half the range including Vanilla Pop*, Cream Pop*, Willow Pop* and Aqua Pop*.

Clinique Lid Pop Vanilla Pop Eyeshadow Swatch

The Clinique Lid Pop Eyeshadows come in sturdy acrylic packaging with the same adorable flower design as the blushes. I do find that the pattern is wearing down a lot faster than the blush, possibly because I use a smaller brush. Although there are only 8 shades so far, it’s a good range with neutrals and a few pops (ha, get it…) of colour as well.

Clinique Lid Pop Eyeshadows Swatches + Review 2

The Clinique Lid Pop Eyeshadow in Vanilla Pop is a soft warm yellowish cream with a satin finish, Cream Pop is a shimmery almost rose gold champagne , Willow Pop is a shimmery golden olive brown and Aqua Pop is a slightly shimmery blue tone teal. All the shadows are quite pigmented when swatched, but Aqua Pop is the most intense.

Clinique Lid Pop Aqua Pop Eyeshadow Swatch

The Clinique Lid Pop Eyeshadows have a firm but silky texture to them. The shadows all blend really well and almost melt into the lid. They do have be built up slightly for more intense pigmentation as they can appear softer when applied. The nice thing about shadows like this is they are pretty foolproof, you’re not going to end up with dark splotches that are hard to blend out, so it’s really easy to get a natural, wearable look. These shadows definitely benefit from a primer to make sure they last all day. Clinique Lid Pop Eyeshadows Swatches + Review

For the above look I applied the Clinique Lid Pop Eyeshadow in Cream Pop all over my lid, concentrating on the inner corner. Then I applied Willow Pop on the outer two thirds. I blended the shades out with Vanilla Pop on the brow bone–and you can’t really see it but it’s honestly the perfect brow bone shade. I did not use Aqua Pop which I know is a bit disappointing but I just loved Willow Pop so much I wanted to focus on that instead!

Clinique Lid Pop Cream Pop Eyeshadow Swatch

Now that there are Clinique Lid Pop Eyeshadows available I’m really hoping that Clinique continues to expand the range. Vanilla Pop and Cream Pop could both work as face highlighters but there’s still so much more potential!

What do you think of the Clinique Lid Pop Eyeshadows? Any shades on your wishlist?

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