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Cherry Culture Haul

No, I haven’t fallen off my “no buy wagon” (for details see my Project Pan post here), this is an old haul (from December)… and there are probably a couple more you’ll see as well as I dig up photos. Posts like this are exactly why I need a no buy, if not for the entire year/rest of my life, well for as long as I can manage. In the meantime, I have lots of new shiny things to keep me busy and I’m sure I won’t run out of stuff to review on Writing Whimsy for… well, basically ever. But Cherry Culture is a website I love because they have great prices for drugstore brands that are hard to find and as long as they have a sale on to compensate the shipping ends up not being ridiculous either. So here’s what I picked up in my most recent order… from 4 months ago.

Cherry Culture Haul 4Of course I had to get some polish, and I am pretty much in love with the Jordana Quick Dry Top Coat, it’s my favourite and I’ve already finished a bottle. This time I grabbed another one to send off to Kalyn with a care package. I also got a few Jordana texture polishes–Purple Quart, Blue Topaz and Pink Toumaline–along with Jordana Dark Amour duochrome. Finally I picked up my two favourites from the China Glaze Happy HoliGlaze Collection, Put a Bow On It and All Wrapped Up.

Cherry Culture Haul 5I uhh… really like lip crayons okay. I’m pretty sure these are all the Jordana Twist & Shine shades, which I have heard great things about and have no idea where to find locally. There’s also a double in there for a future giveaway or gift.

Cherry Culture HaulI had never tried the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils before so I grabbed three shades that looked appealing the extremely popular Milk, along with French Fries and Rust. I’m pretty sure Rust is the same as Pomegranate Punk and the billion other burgundy shades I was obsessed with in the fall, but it’s in crayon form and everything is better in crayon form.
Cherry Culture Haul 2I also got three Jordana blushes, two powder and a color tint blush stick (which I had tried in another shade or two before and liked). The blushes are Tawny Beige and Coral Sandy Beach, along with the Blush Stick in Rose Petal. They will all be reviewed… eventually!

Cherry Culture Haul 3Finally, a few more affordable lip products. The lip balm was free with my Cherry Culture order, and I picked up two Jordana lipsticks which are hard to tell the colours from online and I haven’t actually tried out yet but they are in the shades Grape and Soft Rose. There’s also a LipShine Glaze Brush on Gloss in Watermelon Punch and a LA Colors Auto Lip Pencil in Mauve.

I am a huge fan of all these affordable brands and they make great products regardless of price, so it is really tempting for me to always be picking new things up by them, especially with such great prices. This whole Cherry Culture haul was about $70 including shipping! It’s just crazy. But I have lots of products to use and test out so I am going to try to keep being good, for now at least.

Are there any brands you really love but can’t find locally? Jordana is absolutely like that for me!

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