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Ceramic Glaze Strawberries N’ Milk, Copacabana Mama and Solar Radiance

Ceramic Glaze polishes are available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores in Canada, and so I have often seen the bottles and looked longingly at them before my mind returned to my massive polish collection at home. I showed valiant restraint, but of course I was thrilled when three polishes from the brand, Ceramic Glaze Strawberries N’ Milk*, Copacabana Mama* and Solar Radiance* showed up in my mailbox.
Ceramic Glaze Strawberries N' Milk,  Copacabana Mama and Solar Radiance

The three Ceramic Glaze shades I have are all great for summer and spring. Overall, they have a thinner formula, a comfortable cap to hold, and a good brush although it could be a little larger.

Ceramic Glaze Strawberries N' Milk 3 Ceramic Glaze Strawberries N' Milk 2 Ceramic Glaze Strawberries N' MilkCeramic Glaze Strawberries N’ Milk is a pale pink I applied two coats of, but still found it to be streaky and sheer in a way that is predictable for these sorts of ballerina shades. They are never my favourite, but it does dry to a very glossy finish (there’s no top coat in these photos) however it’s a polish I’ll be sharing with a friend as I just never find myself reaching for these shades.

Ceramic Glaze Copacabana Mama 2 Ceramic Glaze Copacabana Mama Ceramic Glaze Copacabana Mama 3The second shade of pink I tested was much more to my taste, and that’s Ceramic Glaze Copacabana Mama, which confusingly also seems to have been the name of another totally different shade by Ceramic Glaze in the past. However this Copacabana Mama is a bright magenta that is creamy and opaque in 2 coats, with a very slight VNL that you wouldn’t see unless you were very close. It’s also very glossy and a great basic pink polish that would also be fun for a pedicure.

Ceramic Glaze Solar Radiance 3 Ceramic Glaze Solar RadianceCeramic Glaze Solar Radiance 2The final shade I tried is one that was so bright it hurt my camera to capture it, and that’s Ceramic Glaze Solar Radiance, an incredibly neon orange. Unfortunately, it’s very sheer, so I tried layering it over white on my ring finger and used two coats there. On its own, I needed five for the opacity shown, although you might be able to get away with four. Despite the all the coats, it dries incredibly fast so it didn’t take me that long to paint my nails. The neon pigment means it dries to a semi-matte finish, which I kinda like in this case, but could easily be made glossy with a top coat. It’s honestly even brighter than the photo shows.

Overall, this was a fun introduction to Ceramic Glaze polishes, and the one that definitely stands out for me out of the three I tried is obviously Solar Radiance. How could it not? Have you tried a polish from Ceramic Glaze before? There are definitely some other shades catching my attention!

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