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Caudalie Mineral Tinted Moisturizer

Caudalie Mineral Tinted Moisturizer

When it comes to the brand Caudalie, I am really only familiar with their skincare, which I have tried bits of over the years and really liked. However it turns out they also do a few other things, such as bronzer, as a part of the Teint Divin range. The final product is their Caudalie Mineral Tinted Moisturizer*, which comes in two shades, one for light to medium and one for medium to dark skin. I’ve been trying out the lighter shade.

1-Caudalie Mineral Tinted Moisturizer CollageSwatched, the Caudalie Mineral Tinted Moisturizer looks ORANGE. I’m not going to lie, even though it sheers out, I was nervous to put that on my face. Like oompa-loompa nervous. The product also has a bit of a fragrance to it, though I don’t find it overwhelming it is worth mentioning. In terms of packaging, I think it’s really good (although I always prefer clear tubes) because you can squeeze it but you have very good control because of the small tip. The Caudalie Mineral Tinted Moisturizer is very moisturizing and for oilier skin types you can definitely skip the moisturizer, for those that are incredibly oily it might be too much. It does absorb well though and it’s definitely one of those make up products that actually feels nice on the skin. But how does it look? I’m going to pretend you haven’t been looking at the photo right below this text and don’t already know…

Caudalie Mineral Tinted MoisturizerI actually really like the look of the Caudalie Mineral Tinted Moisturizer on my skin, although I still find it a tiny bit too orange, my forearm is paler than my face and it’s a better match for me than it looks in the initial swatch. That said, there are only two shades and this obviously wouldn’t work for somebody super pale. Even though it’s only a tinted moisturizer, when I applied it with flat top foundation brush from the Sephora Gift of Beauty Brush Set* (reviews coming) for the photo, it gives a decent amount of coverage. You can definitely still see my healing blemishes on my chin and a hint of redness around my nose, but add in a touch of concealer in problem areas and it’s a comfortable, easy to wear base. You can visit my review of the Essence Cookies & Cream Collection* to see what my face looked like after I was done applying the rest of my makeup, as I’m really happy with the final look.

Caudalie Mineral Tinted Moisturizer 2I’m surprised the Caudalie Mineral Tinted Moisturizer doesn’t contain SPF because it almost feels like makeup that is good for your skin. It’s not going to last all day if you are in bad heat or really oily, but for me it lasts about six or seven hours. I wish there was another shade or two, because I would love to wear this in the winter time as it definitely gives a touch of glow to your skin, especially when it is drier, but I think it will be too dark for me then. Overall, it was fun to see Caudalie delve into makeup and I would love to see more skin-friendly make up products from them in the future.

What do you think of the Caudalie Mineral Tinted Moisturizer? Have you tried anything by Caudalie before?

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