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Caudalie Grape Water Review

Caudalie Grape Water Review 3When I first heard about the Caudalie Grape Water* , I was a little confused, since I already had (and adored) their Beauty Elixir, I wondering, how many mists does one brand need? But like I said, I love the one I already have, and Caudalie can rarely do wrong by me, so I was curious to try it anyway, and it’s actually quite different, but still wonderful.

Caudalie Grape Water ReviewFirst off, while the Caudalie Beauty Elixir (reviewed here) includes dozens of ingredients, the Caudalie Grape Water really is mostly water and consists simply of Grape Water, Grape Juice, and Nitrogen. That’s it. The aerosol sprays disperses a fine mist all over your face, and it is basically the most refreshing thing ever, especially with the super humid, 30+ weather we’ve been having. If I ever actually take photos for it, you will definitely see the Caudalie Grape Water in my August Favourites, because I have regularly reached for this after coming in from the sun.

Caudalie Grape Water Review 2There are two different sizes of Caudalie Grape Water, and while I have the larger 200 mL, you can get a mini 75 mL that would be perfect for carrying around in your purse during the summer. It feels so great to mist over your skin, and although I haven’t tried similar products from other brands, one of the things I really love about the Caudalie one is the light grape scent. It is refreshing and soothing on my skin and could easily work as a toner as well. Unlike the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, there is no alcohol, so you really are getting a boost of moisture as well.

So yes, the Caudalie Grape Water is a bit of a luxury, but it’s just so lovely to use and anything that makes these summer days a little more bearable is a win for me. Plus, think of all the money I’m saving by not having air-conditioning that I can invest in Caudalie Grape Water instead…

What’s your favourite summer facial mist?

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