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Cargo Blush Laguna

When it comes to makeup, I am often drawn to similar colours again and again. Cargo Blush Laguna* is an orange-coral matte blush that is definitely unlike anything else in my collection.

Cargo Blush Laguna 2In terms of packaging, Cargo Blush Laguna fits right in with the rest of the Cargo blushes which are recognizable because of their metal tins. They are labelled on the bottom so you don’t have to actually open it to know what shade it is, but I do prefer to be able to tell from the outside. The tin also means it take a bit more time to open. Still, it is really pretty and the metal tins definitely stand out from my other blushes.

Cargo Blush Laguna

Cargo Blush Laguna is a very bright matte orange-coral that looks very scary in the pan! Luckily, even though it is quite pigmented, it is also extremely blendable and smooth. To apply, I touch my brush very gently to the powder, and if there is too much I tap off the excess because with a light hand the end result is a natural, extremely pretty look that I know I’ll be loving this summer. It is quite pigmented, but if you apply a bit too much it is easy to solve by buffing it into the skin. Cargo Blush Laguna can also be layered for a more intense result, and I think it would show up on a large variety of skin tones very well!

Cargo Blush Laguna

In terms of wear, Cargo Blush Laguna is fantastic.  It is a matte shade with a smooth and slightly silky texture that lasts all day on me. The blush itself is a massive 8.9 g and considering how little I need to apply I’m fairly confident I will never finish this even though I see myself wearing it quite a bit in the future.

cargo blush laguna gimme brow kate moss matte
Cheeks: Cargo Blush Laguna – Eyebrows: Benefit Gimme Brow – Lips: Kate Moss Matte #105

Cargo Blush Laguna looks scary in the pan, but applied properly it is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t believe I waited so long to try orange blush, and I am blown away by Cargo’s quality. I’m definitely lusting over their other blush shades like Mendocino and Cannes, and I highly recommend Laguna if you are looking for a great summery blush.

Have you ever tried a Cargo Blush? What do you think of Laguna?

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