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Caramel & Rum Tea with Chantal

Hi everyone, I have sad news! Today, I LEAVE PERU 🙁 Also, this is my very last guest post, so you can probably expect a few days more of absence as I tackle jet-lag and the fact that I go back to work 12 hours after I land, but luckily I have this lovely post from Chantal from Chantal’s Corner to share first. Chantal is a new(ish, I guess at this point!) mom with a gorgeous little girl, a love of Korean Beauty, detailed skincare reviews and some super precise and creative nail art. She also does great unboxings where you can try to detect her French accent over on her YouTube channel, so make sure to stop by and check it out!

Hey everyone!

I’m Chantal from Chantal’s Corner and I’m thrilled to be a guest for Zoë while she’s in Peru playing with llamas. :p

Since Zoë and I are both tea lovers I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite teas.

This tea is from a brand that I discovered while in San Francisco back in 2007. There was a Lupicia store in the mall next to the hotel where I was staying and of course I had to go in. I came home with a few teas at that time, but those are all done with. Unfortunately there are no Lupicia stores in Canada, but lucky for me I have a friend from San Francisco (that lives here) so every time he goes back to visit family I ask him to bring me back some teas. This one, Caramel & Rum, is a new tea I discovered when the other tea I wanted was not available. The lady at the store recommended this one to my friend saying that it tastes similar and I LOVE it! Let’s take a look at it…

lupicia tea caramel rum 2Sweet caramel-flavored rooibos tea and honeybush are accented with aromatic rum.


Rooibos, honeybush, flavouring.

lupicia tea caramel rum 1

How to Prepare

Quantity: 2.5-3g

Water temp: boiling

Steeping time: 3-5 min.


This tea smells DELICIOUS! It smells like warm rich caramel that you just want to wrap yourself in.


This tea tastes delicious as well. Once again, it’s that nice warm rich caramel flavour. I’m not quite sure what flavour the rum adds to it. But whatever it is, this tea is just all sorts of delicious.

lupicia tea caramel rum 3

This is the perfect tea to sip this winter while cuddled up on the couch in your pjs.

If you live near a Lupicia, or visit a place that has one, you definitely need to buy this tea! I think in the states you can order online too, but they don’t ship to Canada because it’s food. 🙁

Have you tried teas from Lupicia? Any one you would recommend so I can pass an order to my friend next time he goes home?

Thank you Zoë for having me!

– Chantal 🙂

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