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Canadian Bath Bomb Company: Rosemary Lavender, Ruby Grapefruit, Lemon Verbena & Mandarin Pomander

Canadian Bath Bomb Company 8I love my baths and I love supporting Canadian businesses so of course I was super excited by the opportunity to share some of the amazing products from the Canadian Bath Bomb Company with you! Located in Melancthon, Ontario, their products are handmade by Jackie and available for sale in her Esty shop (here). I tried four scents from Canadian Bath Bomb Company: Rosemary Lavender*, Ruby Grapefruit*, Lemon Verbena and Mandarin Pomander*.

Canadian Bath Bomb CompanyIn terms of packaging, I was really impressed with the Canadian Bath Bomb Company, as the bath bombs are all shrink-wrapped and labelled as you can see in the above picture, so they don’t make a mess but you can still smell the scent. They also came loaded with bubble wrap and all arrived safely! Each bath bomb is the perfect size for one bath, these aren’t ones I recommend cutting in two like I sometimes do with other brands. They each had a very distinct scent that lasted throughout the entire bath.

Canadian Bath Bomb Company 6First up from the Canadian Bath Bomb Company is Rosemary Lavender, a light green bath bomb. All of the bath bombs are a solid shade, with corresponding colorful Epson salts for decoration on them. I did not find they changed the colour of my water at all beyond making it slightly “milky” so if you aren’t a fan of crazy colours or sparkles in your bath, these are definitely a good choice for you. Scent-wise, this one was a little too herbal for me as the rosemary was quite distinct, whereas I prefer more traditional lavender. I will say this was my least favourite of the four I tried, as I prefer citrus to herbal and the other three leaned that way.

Canadian Bath Bomb Company 4Canadian Bath Bomb Company Ruby Grapefruit is a new launch from the brand and was a customer suggestion–good call! It has an amazing fresh, sparkling grapefruit scent that isn’t overpowering. It’s not what I would traditionally think of as a fall scent, but it is delicious and fresh from the addition of limes and lemon. This was actually the first one I reached for, it just smelled so good!

Canadian Bath Bomb Company 2The Lemon Verbena Bath Bomb is pretty powerful scent-wise, as it is made with lemongrass oil. It kind of reminded me of the fresh lemon verbena tea I had in Portugal! Although I could smell the scent the entire time I was in the bath, I didn’t find that my skin smelled strongly after using any of the bath bombs.

Canadian Bath Bomb Company 5The final (sadly, can I just keep taking these baths forever please?) product I tried from Canadian Bath Bomb Company was their Mandarin Pomander Bath Bomb. This is a really delicious fall scent that includes nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger along with the citrus base. I think this may have been my favourite! All of the bath bombs I tried are made with organic shea butter and cocoa butter, and I do feel like they added moisture to my bath and helped leave my skin softer, but they weren’t incredibly rich. These aren’t the kind of bath bombs where you feel like you need to shower afterwards to rinse them off.

Canadian Bath Bomb Company 3In addition to the four bath bombs I tried, Jackie from Canadian Bath Bomb Company was kind enough to include three fragrance samples–the exact same way she would package a retail order, along with a thank you card. These personal touches are part of what make Etsy and handmade goods so special! I will definitely be adding these scent samples to a future bath as part of a concoction, and they include Coconut Kiss (which I surprisingly really like despite how I feel about coconut, probably because it includes sweetness from vanilla bean and caramelized sugar), Sweet Patchouli, and the Mandarin Pomander I tried (yum!).

Canadian Bath Bomb Company 7I really enjoyed tried trying out the Canadian Bath Bomb Company, and I think these products would make a great gift–even if it’s a gift to yourself! My fall favourite is easily the Mandarin Pomander Bath Bomb, while I love the Ruby Grapefruit for warmer weather.

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