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Calvin Klein Reveal

Calvin Klein Reveal 4In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been smelling good lately! The latest fragrance I’ve been trying out is Calvin Klein Reveal*, a warm scent that’s perfect for cooler weather.

Calvin Klein RevealCalvin Klein Reveal was released in September 2014, and the bottle itself is quite sleek but sturdy. It’s not overly complicated, but it is classic. The lid and the fragrance are both triangles that form a square together, and the mirrored lid is both heavy and an absolute magnet for fingerprints. It’s also really difficult to photograph without getting my reflection in!

Calvin Klein Reveal 3I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with Calvin Klein Reveal since I hadn’t tried a fragrance from the brand before, but it is really lovely. Although the top notes are salt mixed with pepper (yum, sounds like seasoning!) that initial spicy burst fades into a slightly powdery heart of iris and ambergris. However, for me the strongest notes are the base of sandalwood, cashmere and a hint of musk, which mixed with the rest of the fragrance result in something both cozy and a little fresh from the salt.

Calvin Klein Reveal 2I get about 6 hours of wear out of Calvin Klein Reveal, although afterwards there is still a nice lingering soft scent when you are close to the skin. I love how this scent is cozy and sensual, it makes me think of a warm blanket and high heels and a hint of ocean.

Have you ever tried a Calvin Klein fragrance?

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