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Calgon Morning Glory Gift Set

Calgon is an affordable drugstore brand with a bunch of scents that always make me think of summer. A great way to layer one of those scents is the Calgon Morning Glory Gift Set*, which includes a body cream, a body wash, a body mist as well as a little bath poof.

Calgon Morning Glory Gift Set 5Calgon Morning Glory scent is quite fresh and clean. It’s not overly complicated but it is fairly aquatic, and when the products in the Calgon Morning Glory Gift Set are layered together it gives a really nice, fresh out of the shower scent.

Calgon Morning Glory Gift Set 3When using the Calgon Morning Glory Gift Set the first product I start with is the ultra moisturizing body wash containing aloe and vitamin E. While the other two products are full size, this is a mini, but a generous one at 207 mL. It has a creamy consistency with the lightest scent of the three products and layers well enough without using the poof. The poof itself is okay, not super special but a nice colour-coordinated addition to the set.

Calgon Morning Glory Gift SetAfter my bath, I grabbed the Calgon Morning Glory Skin Nourishing Body Cream with shea butter and aloe. This is a thick, lovely cream that reminds me a lot of my favourite triple moisture body creams from Bath and Body Works although this is cheaper and slightly less rich. It has the same scent although it is stronger than the body wash, and it absorbs very well, leaving my skin feeling soft but not greasy.

Calgon Morning Glory Gift Set 2The final step in the Calgon Morning Glory Gift Set is the Fragrance Body Mist. Anyone who has been around Writing Whimsy for awhile knows what a big perfume fan I am, and I much prefer them to body mists because of the lasting power. However, this is a nice, fresh, easy-to-wear scent that layered with the rest of the set lasts a couple hours. It’s a great combination for summer and with the entire set only costing $14.99 it would also work well as a room spray.

Calgon Morning Glory Gift Set 4Overall, the Calgon Morning Glory Gift Set is a nice combination of products for an affordable price in a fresh, summery scent. The standout to me is definitely the body cream, but at this price, might as well get the whole thing!

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