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Cake Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub Review

An embarrassingly long time ago I made a massive order of Cake Beauty products when they were having a sale. Cake is a delicious Canadian brand made of nearly all natural ingredients, and one of the goodies I picked up was the Cake Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub.

Cake Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub 6

Based all of the Cake products I’ve tried have smelled delicious and like cake, something bakery and yummy, but Cake Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub doesn’t really smell that way, and that was the first disappointment to me because I ordered online. But despite it’s name, it doesn’t have a fresh, zesty citrus scent either. I guess it’s sweet lemons, but it’s not far enough it either direction for me to really enjoy it, but I don’t hate it either.

Cake Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub 2

The Cake Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub itself is quite a large container at 625 grams, and I imagine even if you used an exfoliant more often than I do (which is not hard to manage) it would last you awhile. I’ve been using mine a couple months and you can see how much I have left. Part of that is because I’m not in love with the product though, which I’ll get into further.

Cake Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub 4

There’s quite a lot of the oil along with the sugar in the Cake Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub, so you have to sorta dig a little bit when getting out some scrub. I think it didn’t used to be as bad, but maybe I’m using up the scrub at a faster rate than the oil, which doesn’t surprise me. I already find this product incredibly oily, so if I could miss out on more of the oil, I definitely would.

Cake Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub 3

The fact that the Cake Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub is so oily means that’s it’s pretty nice on the dry skin of legs, especially in combination with the sugar, but it also means all the oil drips to the bottom of the tub. And that can be pretty dangerous! It can get kinda slippery, so I definitely make sure to rinse out the tub after using the product, but I’d still prefer something that made less of a mess.

Cake Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub 5

The sugar itself is a nice texture, it’s a pretty rough scrub (well at least compared to The Body Shop one I used before) but that’s refreshing because it actually gets the job done. That said I wouldn’t recommend using the Cake Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub (or any of the other flavours) more than maybe twice a week, as you don’t want to be too hard on yourself.

Cake Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub

Overall, the Cake Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub is just okay. I’m glad I got it on sale because Cake can be pricy and this particular product is probably not worth it for me, so I won’t be repurchasing even if I could, although this sent is discontinued anyway. I guess I would maybe consider another scrub by Cake if it was a really good deal and in another scent, but it’s definitely not something I’m rushing out to buy.

Have you tried any products by Cake? Do you have a body scrub you like? Let me know!

If you’re interested in trying out Cake Beauty you can buy their products on including this scrub in a few other (much better) scents and use the code WHIMSY for $10 off your first order ($40 or more).

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