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Caffitaly Milk Frother

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So I drink A LOT of tea. Like, several cups a day. While most of the cups involve boring old water and tea and nothing else, I am a definitely a huge fan of adding frothed milk to make a latte–that’s actually the only way I drink matcha, but I’m also obsessed with chai tea lattes. I’m always looking to save money, so I rarely ever purchase a latte but instead make my own at home. The saddest part was that I did not have a brother at the office, so I couldn’t have lattes there, but fortunately the Caffitaly Milk Frother came to the rescue!

Caffitaly Milk Frother comes with a stainless jug that can warm, froth and warm, or just froth, your milk, depending on what setting you use. That’s great because you can also use it to make iced lattes during the summer months!

Inside the Caffitaly Milk Frother is a little whisk, held inside a holder. One of the reasons I prefer this over my at home frother is because that entire piece comes out, which makes the inside a lot easier to clean. Of course, what you really want to see is how does it froth?

One thing to note about milk frothers in general is that they really don’t work well on non-dairy milk. I tried pretty much every brand and kind of milk to get the Silk Regular Soy Milk to work in my at home frother, and then recently I switched to the Unsweetened version and it did not work at all. That said, if you drink cow’s milk, you definitely need the Caffitaly Milk Frother, because look at that beautiful froth in my coworker’s drink! She is also obsessed with milk frothing, and says she prefers the Caffitaly to hers at home, because the froth is “firmer”. High praise!

While the Caffitaly Milk Frother might seem like an upfront investment, you can easily calculate how quickly it can save you money! I mean, a latte is about $5, and a carton of milk that lasts many many lattes is less than that. However, if you’re still feel a little deterred by the upfront investment, I definitely recommend sharing a not-so-subtle hint with a loved one about the Caffitaly Milk Frother, because when you open it up Christmas morning? You and your family can have coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with frothed milk together!

Yes, I really love frothed milk. What about you? Have you ever frothed your own milk before?

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