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My Burberry

Burberry My Burberry 3Last month I shared my thoughts on Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her*, and today I’m back with a review of My Burberry*, a newly launched fragrance from the brand that is perfect for fall.

Burberry My Burberry 2Just as I would expect from the brand, the packaging of My Burberry is both classic and luxurious, clearly inspired by the cult Burberry trench. There’s the gorgeous, heavy, cap representing the button, a hand-tied ribbon around the neck of the bottle made from the same English-woven gabardine, and finally the fragrance itself is the a honey colour inspired by the trench. My Burberry is a fragrance that would make a gorgeous gift and is definitely a bottle to display on your vanity.

Burberry My BurberryHowever gorgeous bottles are, I always purchase fragrances for the scent, and the fragrance of My Burberry is also classic and luxurious. It’s a warming, floral scent with sweet peas and freesia, based in the more wintery patchouli elements with a hint of rose. I find spray my wrists and neck once in the morning is enough to maintain the fragrance all day. Even though it has great lasting power, I don’t find it overwhelming to wear, which is important when you work near other people.

Have you tried a Burberry fragrance before? I definitely recommend smelling My Burberry next time you see it in store!

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