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Burberry Kisses Sepia

Burberry Kisses Sepia 3I’ve only had one real experience with Burberry makeup, but it was quite a ‘glowing’ review. However I was pretty excited to learn there was a new range of lipsticks being introduced, and even more thrilled to test out a shade in Burberry Kisses Sepia*.

Burberry Kisses Sepia 2Burberry Kisses is designed to give sheer but buildable coverage with a moisturizing finish that leaves lips look smooth and hydrated. There are 28 shades available, and like Burberry Kisses Sepia, they all feature the same signature Burberry packaging with a nickel finish, Burberry check design, and square shape. There’s also a pretty unique magnetic closure, because it will actually only snap shut one way, unlike the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks for example.

Burberry Kisses Sepia 4The shade I received is definitely one I would have picked out for myself. Burberry Kisses Sepia is a brown-leaning rose that is very easy to wear and the kind of neutral I reach for daily. There is a Burberry check design on the lipstick itself, and the formulation is semi-sheer and buildable.

Burberry Kisses Sepia 5In terms of comfort, I have zero complaints when it comes to Burberry Kisses Sepia. It feels similar to a lip balm applied, and is hydrating to wear. It also helps smooth our my lips, giving them a flattering finish. The lip swatch is slightly more in direct sunlight, so I think the full face photo is more accurate for colour. However, you can see how nice it looks applied close-up.

Burberry Kisses Sepia 6The only promise that Burberry Kisses Sepia doesn’t quite live up to is wear time. Given that it isn’t transfer-proof, I definitely have to reapply after eating, and otherwise it lasts a couple hours at most. However, it is so comfortable to wear and easy to apply, that I don’t mind reaching for it to touch up. It also happens to be a shade I think looks great on me, and would be easy for anyone to wear.

Burberry Kisses SepiaIf you are looking for an incredibly comfortable and flattering new lip colour with divine packaging, you should definitely check these out! There are loads of new shades to choose from in the Burberry Kisses line, and I definitely have my eye on a few more like Rose Blush and Garnet after trying out Burberry Kisses Sepia. What do you think?

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