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Books I’ve Read: Shades of Earth by Beth Revis & Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong

Books I've Read Shades of Earth by Beth Revis & Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong

I haven’t been great at reviewing books on Writing Whimsy lately but I’ll tell you the truth, I haven’t been good at reading them either. However after a little burst of inspiration that hopefully leads to more reading as well I thought I’d play some reviewer catch up on some books I’ve read lately.  Lately is a very flexible term in this case because I actually finished no books in February–but I’m hoping to change that trend for the rest of the year!

* * *

Shades of Earth by Beth Revis

Shades of Earth by Beth Revis is the third book in the Across The Universe trilogy, and while I read the first one light years ago (…get it, cause it’s a book about space?) when it was first released, I finally finished the second book, A Million Suns, last year and you can check out my review of it here. That said, don’t let my super lengthy time frame in reading these books say anything about their quality. I really enjoyed this mystery-set-aboard a space ship, which is told from two perspectives: a girl who has been frozen and wakes up aboard Godspeed, which is a space ship that should have landed on a new planet, and a boy who has only ever lived on Godspeed.

I won’t say too much more about the final book because I don’t want to spoil the previous ones, but Revis continues her excellent world-building. She also isn’t afraid to do things that the reader might not like–like kill characters off–but I was still pretty satisfied with how things were left by the end. There’s also no lack of action and this book only took me a couple days to read. If you are looking for a well-paced series with plenty of mystery, sci-fi and a small dose of romance too, I definitely recommend this trilogy, starting with Across the Universe.

* * *

Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong

Kelley Armstrong is a favourite author of mine and I really enjoyed the first two books in her Cainsville series, Omens (which I discussed here) and Visions (reviewed here). The third book, Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong*, continues in the quest of Olivia Jones, former socialite,  to learn the truth about her biological parents who are convicted serial killers. She moves to the small town of Cainsville and begins working with her mother’s former lawyer, Gabriel Wash. Cainsville itself is definitely a character in these story and there’s a paranormal underpinning to this series that only grows stronger as the story progresses. In Omens I was actually a little disappointed by the lack of paranormal, but now that more mythology has been revealed it can be a bit frustrating at times in the romantic context.

I don’t want to spoil the previous books, but unlike Visions, Deceptions gets back to the story of Olivia’s parents. While the book was definitely enjoyable to read, I did find quite a few of the “twists” very predictable. There’s also a frustrating love triangle where I feel like it’s super obvious to the reader who Olivia should be with… As with all of Armstrong’s writing, Deceptions is an easy, gripping read and ultimately I really enjoyed the mystery aspect, or anything to do with Olivia’s parents, which was the focus of Omens and I hope there is a lot more of in the upcoming next book, Betrayals.

* * *

Both Shades of Earth by Beth Revis and Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong are the third books in series I enjoyed so while I would definitely start with book one I recommend either of them! Finishing a series is always so satisfying so there are definitely a few I have on my TBR for 2016.

What have you been reading lately? Do you have a favourite “third book” to share?

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