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Books I Read: A Million Suns by Beth Revis & Empire of Night by Kelley Armstrong

1- A Million Suns by Beth Revis & Empire of Night by Kelley ArmstrongI know it had been awhile since I posted any book reviews, but I’m trying to make it a weekly thing, which you’ll either think is awesome or a weekly post to hit ignore on, but either way, I’m back now with a “sequel” to last week’s post. I think that is a funny statement because this Books I Read segment features two sequels, A Million Suns by Beth Revis and Empire of Night by Kelley Armstrong*. I’ve decided to be vague enough in my reviews that there are no spoilers for the earlier books in the series, so feel free to keep reading without risk!

* * *

2-A Million Suns by Beth Revis CoverA Million Suns by Beth Revis is the middle book in the Across the Universe Trilogy, which I first picked up a billion years ago when it was released but never finished. After enjoying Revis’ recent novel, The Body Electric (review here) I decided to go back to this series and find out what happened.

At the centre of this trilogy are two teenagers, and the stories alternate between both of their voices. There’s Amy, a teenage girl who wakes up aboard the spaceship Godspeed that was supposed to have landed on a new planet but hasn’t, and Elder, who has only ever known Godspeed, and is supposed to be its leader someday. The two of them make a shocking discovery at the end of the first book, and are quickly having to deal with its repercussions in A Million Suns.

Similar to Across the Universe, there’s a mystery in A Million Suns which helps prevent it from having that dreaded Middle Book Syndrome. Revis’ manages to keep things exciting, and it has the same riveting quality as the other two books I’ve read by her. Honestly, the only reason this took me so long to read (6 months, don’t judge) was because it was a fairly lengthy audiobook. That said, I did have a few annoyances with A Million Suns, such as the way Amy acted towards the end. I was actually quite unsure about the ending overall, which has me less excited to pick up the final book, Shades of Earth, than I had. Still, I’m sure I’ll read it eventually, it just might take a couple more years!

* * *

1-Empire of Night by Kelley Armstrong Cover Empire of Night by Kelley Armstrong is the sequel to Sea of Shadows, which I reviewed back in February. This young adult fantasy trilogy has two narrators, twin sisters Moria and Ashyn, who are the Keeper and Seeker of Edgewood. They each play a role in keeping people safe from spirits, only people haven’t been so safe lately.

Empire of Night picks up directly where Sea of Shadows left off, and although it’s still a bit of a wandering-journey type story, I think I preferred the format this time. There’s also a romance in this book that I can’t help rooting against, even when the two people seem perfect for each other, but that’s just the kind of Armstrong likes to torture you with! Honestly, I’m still conflicted about it all, but one thing I know for sure was how genuine and emotional all the characters felt this time. There’s also more of an emphasis on Moira this time, and since I prefer her more intense character, that also helped.

Even though I tend to avoid books passing the 400 page mark, Empire of Night is so engrossing and exciting, that as soon as I put down the audiobook and picked up my hardcopy I devoured it. This is actually the 10th book I’ve read by Kelley Armstrong, so it’s pretty clear I’m a fan of hers. She also does the most dreadful but wonderful cliffhanger endings, the ones you love to hate, and the one in Empire of Night is especially bad. Is it time for Forest of Ruin yet? That is one sequel I will definitely be picking up as soon as it is released!

* * *

If you’re looking for a little Trilogy to dig into, I definitely recommend both these options from Revis and Armstrong–I may not have finished them yet, but if the middle books are good, you know the series is going to be great. Unless they pull a Mockingjay, but we won’t talk about that…

Have you been reading any good series lately?

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