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Books, Books, Books (3)

Books! Nothing makes the end of a week better than a great batch of books waiting for you and I was so happy when these ones arrived on Thursday and Friday. It’s definitely a mix, as I got two poetry collections from Gaspereau Press and two YA sequels (unfortunately to series I haven’t read the earlier books of) from Thomas Allen & Sons.


Ocean by Sue Goyette and The Deer Yard by Allan Cooper and Harry Thurston are both poetry collections on my “to read immediately” list. The craftsmanship that goes into Gaspereau books is truly astonishing and they really look and feel like as much a piece of art as the text inside them is. I’m trying to limit the number of books I hold onto for storage reasons but these are definite keepsakes.

The other two books I got this week were Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers and Breath by Jackie Morse Kessler, both of which, like I said, are books in series I haven’t read. But Breath happens to be the fourth and final novel in the Riders of the Apocalypse series, and I have at least the first book already, so I may have to test it out now that the story is completed. Dark Triumph is book two in what I assume is a trilogy, and I heard great things about the first book, Grave Mercy, so it’s also on my “to read eventually” list which is sadly filled with awesome books I have a hard time making time for.

In addition to the books in my mailbox, an awesome prize pack from author Trish Doller’s cover reveal for her upcoming novel, Where The Stars Still Shine, made its way to me. It includes a real sponge from Tarpon Springs, a signed postcard, and a keychain of an old-fashioned diving bell helmet.

M, my boyfriend, saw the sponge and wondered what exactly I had lying around… haven’t really figured out a purpose for it yet, but the key chain is so adorable I almost don’t want to use it (but probably will in the future). Of course, I’ll be slipping the autographed postcard into my copy of her novel when I buy it. prize pack 1 prize pack 2

The last book-related item doesn’t have to do with a book I received… at least not this week. My book reviews have officially begun being published in Halifax newspaper, The Coast! The first one they’ve printed is for A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki, and you can read it online by visiting this link. Of course I also picked up a print copy, so here’s what it looks like on paper.

newspaper article 1Overall not a bad week book-wise! I’m reading a couple good books at the moment, Arclight by Josin L. McQuein is currently blowing me away, so hopefully I’m able to make a little more time for reading in this coming week as well.

What books have you been reading or buying lately? Leave me any recommendations in the comments––I clearly don’t have enough to read!

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