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Boo Bamboo Makeup Wipes

Boo Bamboo Makeup WipesA while ago I shared my thoughts on the fantastic Boo Bamboo Boo Berry Colour Care line* and as you can tell from that description of it, I loved it. Boo Bamboo is a natural Canadian brand with a bunch of skin and hair products. Today I’m back with the Boo Bamboo Makeup Wipes*, which are mild facial wipes made with unbleached bamboo fibers and 100% biodegradable. They also contain Vitamin E and are free of parabens, sulphates and DEA. All of which sounds good in theory, but how does the product perform?

Boo Bamboo Makeup Wipes 2Honestly, the Boo Bamboo Makeup Wipes are pretty good, but not perfect. The packaging actually seals really well and does a great job keeping the wipes damp, and I do find them to be moist enough to do their job and not dry out while I’m using one. They have a scent to them, which may be natural but is still noticeable to me, and I find the wipes to be pretty sturdy. The Boo Bamboo Makeup Wipes do a pretty good job at removing makeup, as long as it’s nothing really stubborn (waterproof mascara for example). I do recommend following up with a cleanser regardless. So although the Boo Bamboo Makeup Wipes won’t work for me all the time, I’m happy to be using a more natural option when they do!

What are your makeup remover wipes of choice?

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