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Boo Bamboo Boo Berry Colour Care Shampoo, Conditioner, Conditioning Treatment and Hair Serum

Boo Bamboo Boo Berry Colour CareI’m always interested in trying more natural products, as long as they are still effective, so I was very interested in trying Boo Bamboo, an all natural, Canadian brand. I tested out the entireĀ Colour Care line for colour-treated hair, which includes Boo Berry Colour Care Shampoo*, Conditioner*, Conditioning Treatment* and Hair Serum*.

Boo Bamboo Boo Berry Colour Care  3The first product I used was the Boo Bamboo Boo Berry Colour Care Shampoo. None of the products contain any sulfates, parabens, or phthalates, so I wasn’t sure how well they would work. Usually I find sulfate-free shampoos drying, but not only does this one smell amazing, it lathers very well too.

Boo Bamboo Boo Berry Colour Care  4Although it’s more noticeable in the shampoo and serum, the Boo Bamboo Boo Berry Colour Care Conditioner also contains Boo Berries that contain organic berry extracts. These are basically tiny blue and red sprinkles, and I’m not sure if it’s their appearance that contributes, but to me these products smell a lot like funfetti birthday cake, ie: delicious. Although I don’t actually have colour-treated hair, these products do an awesome job nourishing my hair and leave it feel soft and healthy.

Boo Bamboo Boo Berry Colour Care  6The final in shower step is the Boo Bamboo Boo Berry Colour Care Conditioning Treatment. This is a pretty small container, but it’s more of a weekly treatment and it doesn’t require a ton, so it will probably last me almost as long as the matching shampoo and conditioner. I really like using this because I find if I put in my hair for a few minutes and then rinse it out, my hair is left especially soft and smooth. All the products, but especially the hair mask, leave my hair smelling amazing but not in a way that is overpowering.

Boo Bamboo Boo Berry Colour Care  5After I’m done showering but when my hair is still damp, I add in the Boo Bamboo Boo Berry Colour Care Hair Serum. It comes in a convenient pump format, and given the length of my hair, I do need quite a few pumps to cover it all. I can’t say anything about what this does for coloured hair, but I find it makes mine extra glossy when I did it in. However, for curly hair like mine I would still recommend a mousse or other styling product.

Boo Bamboo Boo Berry Colour Care  2Overall, I’m really impressed with the Boo Bamboo Berry Colour Care line! These products are all natural and Canadian, but they also smell fantastic and do the job. Even if you don’t have coloured hair, colour hair products are a great way to get some extra nourishment which is exactly what mine needs. Perhaps I’ve judged all natural shampoos too harshly in the past, but I’ll definitely be using up these.

Do you use any natural shampoos?

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