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The Body Shop Shimmer Bauble

Today I have a second (and final) makeup product from The Body Shop Holiday Collection that is no longer available– sorry! I received this right before I went to Europe and didn’t have a chance to test it out till after it had disappeared from store. However, while I didn’t realize The Body Shop Shimmer Bauble* was limited edition, there’s a good chance you can expect to see it again next Christmas, and then, well, you’ll be glad you read this review! You’re welcome.

1-The Body Shop Shimmer Bauble

The Body Shop Shimmer Bauble packaging is both gorgeous, adorable, and incredibly annoying to me. It is shaped, shockingly, like a bauble which means even though it’s flat on the bottom it is easy for it to roll around and get knocked over, especially it’s open and all the tiny shimmer balls inside are revealed. Luckily I have only knocked a couple out and they have been easy to pick up, but I don’t have much countertop space to do my makeup and I just feel like a disaster is coming.

1-The Body Shop Shimmer Bauble 3

That said, when you open The Body Shop Shimmer Bauble it reveals a mix of shimmer balls which are in pink and yellowish shades. I’ve swatched them separately below, as well as blended together. When I apply this highlighter I use brush to lightly swirl it against the beads and dabbed some on top of my cheekbones as pictured below.

The Body Shop Shimmer Bauble 4

The Body Shop Shimmer Bauble 5

Applying The Body Shop Shimmer Bauble leaves behind shimmer and sparkle, so it is definitely something to only be used as a highlight. I don’t know how this compares to Guerlain Meteorites, but unless you use a really dense brush I mainly just get shimmer and a very light amount of pigmentation. As a result I find it very long-lasting since the glitter adheres well to my skin. You could easily use this with a fluffy brush all over your collarbone and shoulders if you were looking to be extra shimmery for a night out, especially because it comes with a ridiculously large amount of product.

1-The Body Shop Shimmer Bauble 2

Although you could use The Body Shop Shimmer Bauble all over your face as an illuminating/shimmer powder, I think it is too shimmery for that and prefer it as a highlight or body shimmer. The packaging is both gorgeous and a bit annoying to me. This is a product I like and use, but not one I couldn’t live without. However if you are looking for a good shimmer powder I definitely recommend checking out The Body Shop Shimmer Bauble if it returns in December!

Have you ever tried a powder in “bead” form? What do you think of them?

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