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The Body Shop Rose Lip Gloss

The Body Shop Rose Lip Gloss 4I’ve been holding onto my The Body Shop Rose Lip Gloss* for awhile, because I wasn’t especially excited to review it. I mean, on the surface it seems perfect for me–by which I mean it has the word ROSE in the name and I love all things rose-scented. But in this case it refers to the shade more than the scent. It promises “rose flavour” and there is a subtle scent, but it’s not like a perfume or a body lotion where you really notice it while you’re wearing it.

The Body Shop Rose Lip Gloss 3 The Body Shop Rose Lip GlossBasically The Body Shop Rose Lip Gloss is a tube of sticky glitter, and although it doesn’t feel gritty on the lips and gives them a pretty glisten, it’s just not a good fit for me. I really don’t like the squeeze-tube format and try to avoid it unless it’s something very special. Add in the fact that it’s a bit sticky, and there’s just not much incentive for me to pick this one up. Wear is okay, a couple hours which is about all I ever get out of a gloss, but this one is subtle enough—there’s really no pigmented, just shimmer–that it doesn’t become obvious when it’s fading.

The Body Shop Rose Lip Gloss 2Personally, when I’m craving rose I’d prefer to reach for my bottle of The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose EdT* over The Body Shop Rose Lip Gloss, and use a gloss whose packaging and wear I find more appealing.

How do you feel about gloss-in-a-tube?

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