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The Body Shop Holiday Gift Guide

The Body Shop Holiday Gift Guide 8Every year when The Body Shop comes out with their amazing range of scents and gifts for the holiday season I end up grabbing at least one thing for myself. Of course, there are also plenty of wonderful gift sets and seasonal scents to pick up for others, and I was very fortunate to be sent a selection of them to share with you in this The Body Shop Holiday Gift Guide.

The Body Shop Holiday Gift Guide 6The first batch of options in my The Body Shop Holiday Gift Guide are permanent products in adorable holiday packaging that would make a great option for a Secret Santa or friend. The small sizes are great for trying out the products, and given how delicious they smell it’s hard to imagine somebody not liking them!

The Body Shop Holiday Gift Guide 4I am obsessed with the satsuma scent which is a fresh, bright, sweet citrus that I cannot get tired of–and believe me, I’m at the bottom of a jumbo body butter tub with the scent! I think this The Body Shop Satsuma Treats Gift Cube* is an absolutely adorable option, and it’s also available in many other scents as well if you’re not quite as satsuma crazy as I am. Perfect for travel, there’s a mini shower gel, loofa, and body puree.

The Body Shop Holiday Gift Guide 5I love my puns, so of course I’m a fan of The Body Shop Jingle Gels Sleigh*, but name aside, it comes with a travel-size Mango, Strawberry, Moringa and of course, Satsuma, shower gel. They are so cute, and I do really like the brand’s shower gel, which smells great, lathers well, and doesn’t dry out my skin. Also, did I mention the smell? Yum!

The Body Shop Holiday Gift Guide 3If you like The Body Shop’s Lip Balms then there’s nothing better than The Body Shop Jolly Lippy Lolly* which comes with five different ones you can either give as one gift, or divide up (they are sealed individually inside). The packaging is adorable again, and you save quite a bit by buying them in a set instead of individual. The balms are moisturizing and have a great scent as well as giving a light tint to your lips. This set comes with Strawberry, Raspberry, Satsuma Shimmer, Watermelon, and Passionberry Born Lippy Balms.

The Body Shop Holiday Gift Guide 7In addition to the smaller sets, there are some pretty massive and wonderful offerings available, like The Body Shop The Moringa Premium Selection*. Pre-packaged perfect for gifting, it contains a body butter, body scrub, body oil, bar soap and mini bath lily all in the light, fresh Moringa scent. Of course it’s also available in other scents like mango and olive. I’ve actually never tried this scent before, but it’s a light, clean floral that I really like. The Body Shop Body Butters are amazing, creamy and moisturizing, and the scrubs are gentle. Overall, this is a fantastic gift with everything you could want from the brand, in all kinds of great scents.

The Body Shop Holiday Gift GuideOf course, The Body Shop Holiday Gift Guide wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the amazing limited edition scents available from the brand. I already did a post earlier this week raving about The Body Shop Glazed Apple, so you can check that out here for my rave review of the scent. There’s also Frosted Cranberry, as well as Vanilla Brulee.

The Body Shop Holiday Gift Guide 2The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Shimmer Lotion* is a light lotion that’s easily absorbed with a creamy vanilla scent that’s absolutely edible. When rubbed in, it leaves behind loads of fine shimmer that is very festive for this holiday season. I personally don’t really use shimmer lotions, but the scent is amazing, and this could be very nice applied to the decollete for an evening out.

The only thing better than enjoying the amazing options in this The Body Shop Holiday Gift Guide is knowing that your purchases are helping children in need. For the Holiday season, The Body Shop has teamed up with War Child to provide over 6 Million lessons to children in war-torn countries through their global gifting initiative: 1 gift purchased = 1 class for a child. This applies to all gift sets, including the ones featured in this post!

What do you think of the options in my The Body Shop Holiday Gift Guide?

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