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Blogosphere Magazine Issue 6

Blogosphere Magazine Issue 6 3I was first interested in Blogosphere Magazine when they released their very first issue which had a cover story from essie button, who I really loved. Although Blogosphere Magazine Issue 6* features a YouTuber I am not really familiar with (Marcus Butler) I still said yes when they reached out because I was very excited about a print magazine written for bloggers, about blogging, that has becomes successful enough to be sold in store (in the UK) and make it all the way to the sixth issue. You can also purchase Blogosphere online as both a print issue and an ebook.

Blogosphere Magazine Issue 6 2The Blogosphere Magazine is printed in full colour, on fairly thick (matte, not glossy) paper that is really nice to hold and look through. The majority of the magazine is dedicated to sharing bloggers, and they include both really successful bloggers and lesser known ones on a variety of topics like fashion, travel and beauty. It’s a great way to discover new blogs and it’s how I found Accidental Icon, a fashion blog written by a 62 year old professor that is so cool!

In addition to featuring bloggers, the Blogosphere Magazine Issue 6 includes a few larger stories such as talking to Marcus Butler, YouTube vs TV, tips for working towards becoming a professional blogger and what is “Vine”.

Blogosphere Magazine Issue 6I’m not really somebody who reads magazines to begin with, so I ended up reading Blogosphere Magazine Issue 6 mostly in one sitting (or rather, one bath) instead of casually flipping through it as I imagine most people would. I think it is best read in little bits because some of the blog posts got repetitive and I guess I prefer to read those online. However, I really like the idea of a blogging magazine guide that releases regular issues to help you out with all the new things you want to know as a blogger (maybe the next issue will teach what Periscope is…) I would prefer a little more of an advice component to the magazine, maybe where each of the bloggers featured gives their top blogging tip.

Although Blogosphere might be best if you are interested in a range of blogging topics, it’s also pretty easy to skip the bits focusing on areas you’re less interested in. Or, if you read them anyway you might find something unexpected but neat (like Accidental Icon!) Overall, Blogosphere Magazine  is definitely  a unique premise and I’m curious to see how it grows as blogging and YouTube become even more popular.

Would you read a magazine about blogging?

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