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Black Sheep Lacquer Stinger Swatch and Review

The first time I try to do a themed week and the result is a total FAIL. Sorry guys. But I’m back with something really unusual and neat looking, Black Sheep Lacquer Stinger. Oh, and the reason for my absence has to do Halifax weather and my poor computer, but it now has a new screen so I can get back to blog posting! Yay. The timing is great as my 100 Follower Giveaway is getting close and I can’t wait to celebrate with you guys!
Black Sheep Lacquer Stinger 2

This is another one of the indie polishes I picked up from Black Sheep Lacquer, and you can check out the Etsy shop here. Black Sheep Lacquer Stinger is a yellow jelly base with large black diamond glitters, black bars, and smaller orange and black hexagons.

Black Sheep Lacquer Stinger

I tested Black Sheep Lacquer Stinger out with several different bases. My index finger is three coats on its own, followed by 2 coats over yellow, then two coats over white, then two coats over black. My personal favourite is definitely how vibrant the polish looks layered over yellow, it just really brightens it up and brings it to life.

Black Sheep Lacquer Stinger 5

I really like how unusual and unexpected Black Sheep Lacquer Stinger is, and how perfect the name for the polish is, but I don’t really wear yellow polish and when I was looking at it on my nails and in these photos, I just am not sure how much I’d reach for it so I ended up passing it onto a friend.

Black Sheep Lacquer Stinger 4

Looking at these photos again, I sorta regret passing on this polish, but at the same time my polish collection is ridiculous and although I absolutely adore this brand, Black Sheep Lacquer Stinger was the only colour I couldn’t see myself reaching for often. My polish collection has exploded lately and I do need to be a little pickier about what I keep and what I swap.

Black Sheep Lacquer Stinger 3

Applying Black Sheep Lacquer Stinger wasn’t perfect with the first coat, but by the second and a bit of dabbing I was able to get a nice spread of all the big glitter. That’s a usual problem with large glitter like this and it doesn’t really bother me.

I can’t tell you why I decide to apply this over black as that’s clearly ridiculous, but I was doing other swatches the same day and I got into the pattern and wasn’t sure what else I could use as a base

Black Sheep Lacquer Stinger 6

Anyway I’ll be curious to see what you think of Black Sheep Lacquer Stinger! I think it’s really neat and unusual and makes a loud statement that I love, but for my own personal use I prefer the similar but not-yellow Aliens Exist (review here).

Also I’m writing this post Sunday night to go up Monday morning and I appear to be sick… so sorry if I’m lagging on replying to comments or end up flaking on posts this week as well. Send lots of get-better vibes my way and I’ll try to have another Black Sheep Lacquer post up tomorrow cause I still have two more I want to share 🙂

Note: I received a blogger discount when purchasing this polish. However I always provide my honest opinion regardless of the source of a product.

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