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Black Sheep Lacquer Haul

I love nail polish, a fact this blog makes pretty obvious, but I admit that I haven’t really delved into the realm of indie polishes so far. That changed when I picked up a Black Sheep Lacquer haul. Black Sheep Lacquer is a brand of Canadian indie polish, made in British Columbia by Erin Karaim, which you can find here on Etsy. Erin was kind enough to provide me with a blogger promo code that gave me a discount on the polish, but like always, my reviews on the polish will be completely honest. The fact is, I love this brand and I am so excited to celebrate my first Indie Polish Week with a Black Sheep Lacquer haul.

I won’t be reviewing every single polish on this this list this week, but it gives you a good idea of what to expect and a sneak peek of how amazing they are! The polishes with an asterisk * from my Black Sheep Lacquer Haul will be reviewed this week, and the others in the near future 🙂

black sheep lacquerThe first part of my order included (from left to right):

  • Aliens Exist *
  • Green Day (unfortunately this polish has been discontinued due to a bad batch of glitter, which is too bad because it looks so pretty otherwise!)
  • Stinger *
  • Visions of Blue *
  • Run to the Hills *
  • A bonus mini from Erin

black sheep lacquer 2

The second part

  • Lateralus
  • A bonus mini from Erin *

Well there’s my Black Sheep Lacquer Haul! I am so excited to share my first (but not last, I have lots more on the way!) indie polishes with you guys and I hope you enjoy these beauties. If you’re interested in picking some up, make sure to check out Erin’s Etsy shop and she even has a monthly subscription box!

Have you tried indie polish? Which of these are you most looking forward to seeing on my nails?

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