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Black Sheep Lacquer Aliens Exist Swatch and Review

Alright yesterday was a blue indie polish, now it’s time for some green! I actually have a blue, green, purple, pink and yellow polish to share with you this week. Apparently I like variety in my colours. This one is Black Sheep Lacquer Aliens Exist and I actually remember to take a photo of my base colours before I topped it off.

Black Sheep Lacquer Aliens Exist

First you have an obviously naked nail, followed by Rimmel Green as Grass, then Essie Blanc, then Nicole by OPI Razzle Dazzle. Each is two coats of base because I was curious to see how Black Sheep Lacquer Aliens Exist would look on top of different polishes. I used two to three coats of Aliens Exist on top of the bases, and 4 coats by itself on my index nail.
Black Sheep Lacquer Aliens Exist 2

The answer? Black Sheep Lacquer Aliens Exist looks great on top of all the bases, and it gives a weird but awesome glow-y effect on top of white, but by far my favourite is the polish simply by itself.

Black Sheep Lacquer Aliens Exist 4

On its own there’s just a fantastic depth to Black Sheep Lacquer Aliens Exist. The polish is a bright, neon green jelly base with shard of matte black glitter and little flecks of glitter.

Black Sheep Lacquer Aliens Exist 6

You are able to get this polish opaque in less than the 4 coats I used, but I don’t like VNL so I kept applying til that was completely gone. I thought the extra layers gave it an awesome “jelly sandwich” look anyway, even if it made the removal less fun.

Black Sheep Lacquer Aliens Exist 5
Black Sheep Lacquer Aliens Exist applied nice and even and I have no complaints about the formula. It dried in a decent amount of time assuming I didn’t go too thick with my coats, although thinner coats sometimes meant missing out on some of the large black glitter which is how I ended up with 2-3 coats over the base colours– I did end up doing a tiny bit of dabbing to get the effect I wanted. I didn’t really mind though as it wasn’t a lot more work and the end result was so gorgeous I was happy.

Black Sheep Lacquer Aliens Exist 3

This is definitely a unique polish in my increasingly ridiculous collection and that’s a major aspect of what I’m starting to love so much about indies, their unique and interesting polishes. Black Sheep Lacquer Aliens Exist definitely meets that criteria, and it’s a bright and creepy polish that lives up to its name.

I’m glad to have this polish in my collection and I’m excited to try more by Black Sheep Lacquer in the future. You can check out the Etsy shop here.

What do you think of Black Sheep Lacquer Aliens Exist? And tell me, do aliens exist? 😉

Note: I received a blogger discount when purchasing this polish. However I always provide my honest opinion regardless of the source of a product.

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