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Black Friday Promo Fancy Box Subscription 30% Off


There are a billion amazing Black Friday promos (even for us Canadians) and although I am not going to blog about all of them, I couldn’t let this one pass by since it’s one I took advantage of myself. Fancy is a great subscription service, with a bunch of boxes curated by celebrities like Pink, Coco Rocha and Ashton Kutcher, as well as a normal Fancy box that just selects items based on your own profile.

I have been eyeing Fancy for awhile, but usually the boxes are quite expensive at $39/month PLUS shipping, which is $17 to Canada (I believe it’s $7.95 in the US). The Black Friday promo is incredible–– FREE Shipping and 30% OFF the box for your subscription. That means my Coco Rocha subscription came to (including shipping to Canada) $27.30! I admit it has me tempted by their traditional Fancy sub as well at that price…

Anyway if you are interested in subscribing to any of the boxes, now is definitely the time to check it out. You can’t skip months, so if you want to stop you’d have to cancel but at this price I figure it’s definitely worth giving a month a try.

In case you’re wondering what to expect, Fancy guarantees at least $80 worth of product and most of the boxes I’ve seen have been around $100-$110 in value. For the Coco Rocha box you’re getting a focus on fashion and beauty, but there are always fun Fancy gadgets in the boxes as well. If you’re worried about subbing to multiple boxes and getting the same product twice, if that happens Fancy will credit your account, just let them know.

The promo code you need to get the discount is BLACKFRI so make sure to add it to your order before you checkout!

Anyway super excited about my new subscription! If you are interested in trying Fancy as well, I would send you lots of good karma if you use my referral link here.

Have you taken advantage of any of the awesome Black Friday promos yet? Let me know what your favourites are! I may blog about another one or two, there are some great ones going on…

P.S. this offer also works for everything on the Fancy website! But I am just most interested in the subscriptions 🙂 But I may have to grab a few of their cool products for gifts as well.

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