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Birthday Gift Haul

I don’t know if it counts as a “haul” when it’s just other people spoiling you, but I wanted to share my Birthday Gift Haul because I got two generous, wonderful, gifts in the mail from two lovely ladies I have met through blogging and I just wanted to acknowledge how sweet and awesome they are. Thank you Ambur and Kalyn! Oh, and because I’m a Halloween baby, here’s the pumpkin my boyfriend and I carved to celebrate the holiday.

birthday gift 7

The first gift is from Ambur, who blogs at Burning Impossibly Bright and who I know from my book blogging days (I still sorta run one, but admittedly most of my energy goes to Writing Whimsy).  She has a history of sending me awesome books and candy for my birthday, and it’s a tradition I benefit from greatly.

birthday gift 5

Ambur also makes adorable hand made cards to go with her gifts, which pretty much outdoes me every time. I have a habit of ordering books shipped directly to her house 🙁

birthday gift 6

As you can tell, Ambur included a few kinds of my favourite candies (Cherry Blasters and Rockets, along with bonus Popeye Candy Sticks which I definitely ate too!) Since we connected over YA books, she also included a highly recommended one I haven’t read yet, Cut by Patricia McCormick. We also share a DAVIDsTEA love so there’s a nice sample of pineapple oolong in there as well. I love it all, thank you so much Ambur!

birthday gift

My second gift was from Kalyn, and it’s unsurprising given that I met her through Writing Whimsy, but she also runs a beauty blog at The Scenic Route and her gift focused on the beauty goodies. She actually got my address after she wanted to send me a thank you for something I still haven’t mailed her, but after this gift she’s definitely going to need a few bonus goodies thrown into her package.

birthday gift 2

One of the coolest things about Kalyn’s gift is that she picked me up some things that we can’t get in Canada, like matching items from the Disney Villains collections in Evil Queen (which I LOVE). She also grabbed me a Rosebud Salve, which she somehow knew I have been wanting to try for ages but never have. It’s fantastic and I am really excited she sent me one.

birthday gift 4

In addition to the Evil Queen makeup case and makeup  (both of which I love, isn’t that case beautiful?! Why don’t any of these amazing things come to Canada?) she also included a Yes To Carrots eye cream. I love the Yes To products because they are all natural and I am really excited to test out this eye cream. She also included an L’Oreal Infalliable in a perfect for autumn dark red shade, as well as three lovely polishes, two of which are in my favourite polish colour, purple, as well as a neon shade from China Glaze.

Basically, an amazing thoughtful gift full of goodies I’m already loving. It’s sometimes creepy how well people know your tastes, but in this case I’m benefited greatly from it!

birthday gift 3

Oh, and bonus photo because this is some kind of beauty blog right? So yeah, here’s Zoya Carter from Kalyn, a polish I am absolutely obsessed with. I’ve been crazy busy with school and other things and I have basically been wearing this polish since it arrived (about two weeks) and although I did have to do some repair damage on a nail or two, the combination of a sandpaper finish and a a gorgeous color make this the perfect “apply and forget about it” polish. It will have its own post on the blog soon enough, but in the meantime, let’s just stare at its gorgeousness.

birthday gift 8

Yup, that’s all. Thank you Ambur and Kalyn for your amazing gifts and for making me feel so loved and thought-of from across Canada on my birthday this year!

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