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Birchbox Canada

Birchbox CanadaI was really excited when I learned that Birchbox was coming to Canada, and even more excited when my first little pink box showed up in the mail. That’s right, starting in December you can now subscribe to Birchbox Canada* and I have a sample unboxing to share with you!

Birchbox Canada 2The Birchbox Canada comes in a great little box that is definitely reusable and has a cute chevron pattern inside. The subscriptions cost $10 a month, plus $4.95 for shipping. You can also save by signing up for a yearly subscription, which is $100 total plus shipping. The box promises five personalised beauty samples, based on a beauty profile you fill out. You can also earn Birchbox points through referrals and reviews, which you can cash in for full size items at the Birchbox store!

Birchbox Canada 4The Birchbox Canada box I received included 5 products, one of which was full-sized. There was a info card detailing the products, pink tissue paper, and a little green envelope separate two of the products–I assume those that might leak.

Birchbox Canada 6amika Nourishing Mask (Full size: $11, Sample value: $3.67)

My info card lists this as being $31 full size, but the Birchbox store sells two sizes for either $31 or $11. The more generous value of the sample is based on the smaller format for sale. In terms of the product, I love hair masks and this one has really good reviews although I haven’t used it yet, it is very thick and creamy which is exactly what my hair needs!

Birchbox Canada 5Benefit Cosmetics High Beam (Full size: $32, Sample value: $6.15)

I was really excited about this sample, because I don’t own this product from Benefit, and there types of illuminators, you really don’t need much so a little size like this works well for me! This is a shimmery, soft pink highlight that blends in well for a subtle glow. Always happy to find Benefit in a subscription box.

Birchbox Canada 8Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain in Heartthrob (Full size: $23, Sample value: $10.69)

I was very skeptical of this product because of both the shade and the creamy stain promises, but it’s actually really nice! It is buildable, so with one coat I would definitely wear it, and it isn’t drying on the lips at all. It also has decent lasting power. I will be reaching for this little mini again.

Birchbox Canada 7Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive (Full size: $42, Sample value: $5.46)

Well, first off this was much runnier than I expected and I ended up applying it for the first time after just opening it to smell and, well, there was some runoff. That said, even though I’m disappointed it doesn’t smell like green apple, I was actually quite impressed with the results. My skin looked smoother and brightened after using, and it’s definitely a product I would cash in for if I had Birchbox points. I’m also always happy to get face masks in a subscription box.

Birchbox Canada 9Noir Cosmetics Long-Wear Eyeliner (Full size: $15, Sample value: $15)

Honestly, I don’t know of anyone who has been subscribed to a beauty box for more than two months who needs another black eyeliner but this one is actually really creamy and nice. You do have to sharpen it, but it’s full size, and easy to smudge out. I didn’t test it on my eyes yet, but the swatch on my arm was pretty stubborn to remove and it does calm to be waterproof. I’m actually planning to keep this one, in case I ever need a black liner, rather than adding it to the graveyard of black liners to give away.

Birchbox Canada 10I’ve even got some swatches of High Beam, Creamy Lip Stain and Long-Wear Eyeliner from Birchbox Canada. I’m pretty impressed with the balance of this box, there’s skincare, haircare, and beauty. You could create a whole look using just these minis and a coat of mascara–and no, I don’t want more mini mascaras!

Birchbox Canada 3Overall, I’m really happy with my first Birchbox Canada. The value of the box is $40.97, which is over double the cost of the box. However, some of the products are quite small compared to the full sizes in other beauty boxes, but the difference is, recognizable brands and products I would actually use, so I think it is worth it. The Birchbox point system is also very handy!

Personally, I’m really loving the Benefit and Juice Beauty products in particular from my Birchbox Canada experience, and I would definitely consider subscribing in the future, however at the moment I’m about to take an expensive trip to South America. I haven’t had a beauty sub in awhile though and I do miss the monthly surprises. If you’re interested in trying out Birchbox Canada I’d love if you subscribed using my link– and let me know what you think of the subscription in the comments!

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