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Bioderma Sebium H20, Foaming Gel, Global & Pore Refiner

Bioderma Sebium H20, Foaming Gel, Global & Pore Refiner 3

I’ve reviewed quite a few different products from Bioderma on Writing Whimsy before (you can check out all my posts by clicking here!) but one line that was new to me was the Bioderma Sebium which targets  oily blemished skin. My skin is actually more combination, but I am prone to blemishes and after some bad breakouts I decided to pull out the Bioderma Sebium H20*, Foaming Gel*, Global* and Pore Refiner* to give them a try!

Bioderma Sebium H20, Foaming Gel, Global & Pore Refiner

There are actually a ton more products in the Bioderma Sebium range including Al Correcteur, which is a tinted treatment, and Gel gommat, an exfoliating treatment, but these four are a great place to start. While the I love that each range from Bioderma is color-coordinated, so while Sensibio is red and Hydrabio is blue, the Sebium lineup has lime green accents.

Bioderma Sebium H20

The Bioderma Sebium H20 is the classic micellaire solution that Bioderma is so well-known for with an oily-skin twist. It definitely still removes makeup well and leaves behind no residue, leaving my skin fresh and cleansed. However, the thing I dislike about this variety in comparison to the Bioderma Sensibo H2O is that, similar to the Hydrabio, the product is scented. The scent is really subtle but something in the fragrance must irritate my eyes slightly and therefore I prefer the ultra gentle Sensibo. Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel

I recently admitted my love of the crisp blue colour of the Bioderma Atoderm Shower Gel and I was also immediately attracted to the Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel for the same reason. This cleanser is fairly standard but at the same time, I really love it. It’s the perfect balance of purifying without stripping my skin of all moisture, and I definitely think it helps control breakouts. It’s perfect for use in the shower and it hasn’t irritated my eyes.

Bioderma Sebium Global

Bioderma Sebium Global is an acne treatment that also makes a lot of other claims like limiting scarring, which I’m not sold on, but it definitely reduces my number of breakouts and by doing that, I do get less acne scars so that’s a success. I do find it strange that this product is also scented. I apply it to the areas that are having breakouts before bed and I have really noticed results.

Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner

The final product I tried out from the range is the Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner. This is actually not really a skincare product so I honestly haven’t tested it as much as the rest of the range, because I would say it is actually a face primer instead. It helps minimize the look of pores as well as mattify skin but I’m not sure about a long term benefit.

Bioderma Sebium H20, Foaming Gel, Global & Pore Refiner 2

Overall I’ve had a really positive experience with the Bioderma Sebium line up, especially the Foaming Gel and Global treatment. I do wish they’d skipped the use of fragrance but otherwise I really enjoyed all the products. Have you tried any products from this range?

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