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Benefit Gimme Brow

Asides from tweezing as often as I can remember, I don’t do a ton with my eyebrows. I could give plenty of excuses but there’s really only one– I’m lazy. So of course, Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium/Deep* was immediately appealing to me because it’s a full brow routine in one product.

Benefit Gimme Brow 3

Benefit Gimme Brow comes in two shades, Light/Medium and Medium/Deep, considering I have extremely dark hair I went for the latter shade. I was still a little bit nervous it wouldn’t be dark enough, but because the product isn’t highly pigmented it actually works on a wide range of hair colours and it did the job well for me. The unique aspect of Benefit Gimme Brow that caught my attention is the applicator, you can apply the product with a very small mascara-like spoolie. Then you come it through your brows and it deposits the coloured gel, filling in any patchy areas as well as holding your brows in place. This product won’t work if you have no brows to fill in, but it’s perfect for me! My brows just need a little help filling in the blank spots and being held in place, and that’s exactly what Benefit Gimme Brow does.

Benefit Gimme Brow 2 Benefit Gimme Brow

In terms of lasting power, Benefit Gimme Brow stuck around all day for me and worked well as a brow gel as well as maintaining colour. It did not dry crunchy at all. The only slight issue is that because of the size of the spoolie it is difficult to use on the ends of my brows where they are thinner, and I did have to wipe away a little bit of excess product. However there was no staining and it was easy to do. You can see a full look using Benefit Gimme Brow here in my Cargo Blush Laguna review.

1-benefit gimme brow CollageBenefit Gimme Brow provides 1 minute brows, and is great for easy makeup with a natural look. It is a bit expensive because it doesn’t contain a ton of product (0.1 oz), but it’s one I’m really loving and using almost daily, which is something I never would have thought I’d do with a brow product.

Do you do anything to your eyebrows? Would you consider using a product like Benefit Gimme Brow?

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