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Nail Essentials: OPI Wipe-Off!, Glitter Off Base Coat, Top Coat and Drip Dry

OPI Wipe-Off!OPI is definitely one of the most-well known brands for nailstuff in the world, and while they do offer plenty of classic products, they are also innovating and working on new things as well. I decided to share four OPI Nail Essentials that are great for doing your nails quickly, keeping the polish lasting a long time, and removing it easily as well. I have the OPI Wipe-Off!*, Glitter Off Base Coat*, Top Coat* and Drip Dry*.

OPI Wipe-Off! 3I LOVE the OPI Wipe-Off! Aceonte-Free Lacquer Remover Wipes. Individual wipes are a bit of an expensive way to remove polish daily, but these are perfect for traveling or those lazier days because they are very effective and even smell nice. They have a light lavender scent, but it’s not overpowering or offensive, and one wipe is enough for both hands if you’re wearing a cream polish (even a darker one). When I had a glitter accent nail I was able to get them off as well, but it does tear the wipe slightly, so I did those nails last and would probably struggle to get two hands worth of glitter off. However, I was still quite impressed with the effectiveness, especially for a non-acetone remover. The wipes are quite oily/greasy which leaves my cuticles moisturized instead of dried out like most polish remover, but as a result I do need to wash my hands afterwards.

OPI Glitter Off Base Coat 2I didn’t have high expectations of OPI Glitter Off Base Coat because I thought even if it worked to peel off your glitter nail polish, it would badly damage the nails underneath. I was so wrong! This base coat is magic, and I have already made a decent dent in my bottle. It goes on kinda milky but dries quite quickly and goes clear which is how you know it’s ready for polish, and although it makes a small difference in how long the polish lasts for (and I did lose a whole nail of polish once) I don’t generally wear my polish for long anyway, and I tend to dread my glitters, as pretty as they are, based simply on how much removal sucks. The OPI Glitter Off Base Coat changes all of that, and although there are home remedies like using white glue that promise the same thing, all I can say is that this works for me and I love it. For about $10 a bottle, it really saves me a ton of stress (especially when swatching!)

OPI Top CoatOPI Top Coat copyThe OPI Top Coat is a classic but standard top coat, and it is quite glossy as you can tell by comparing my index and middle finger (no top coat) with my ring and pinkie (top coat) wearing OPI My Voice is a Little Norse as a glitter base. This top coat didn’t dry as fast as I expected and I am used to quick dry top coats cause they are so convenient, but I’m happy with the end result and the drying time is solved by the final product I’m sharing today.

OPI Drip DryOPI Drip Dry are quick dry drops for speeding up polish application. I do think they are effective, and great if you are in a rush, but I admit that I often just wait for my polish to dry because I’m usually watching TV anyway. Also, while this makes your polish feel dry, it doesn’t “harden” it, so it’s still not recommended to use it and go to bed right away, but if you have to get back to cooking supper or head out, these are incredibly helpful. So while it does make it dry to the touch, you won’t actually avoided those dreaded blanket imprints! However, it is definitely still a helpful product to have in your collection, especially for people who can’t sit still while polish is drying.

OPI Wipe-Off! 2That’s it, from application to removal, four OPI Nail Essentials that are worth owning. My easy favourites are the OPI Glitter Off Base Coat and the OPI Wipe-Off removers, as both are products are unique in my collection from OPI and though other brands may make them the OPI choices are incredibly effective that I really like.

What are your nail essentials?

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