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Beauty on the Go: Cake Beauty Rush Brush

Cake Beauty Rush BrushThe Cake Beauty Rush Brush* is the epitome of “beauty on the go”, because it’s a portable, refillable dry shampoo brush. It contains the classic Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo from Cake Beauty, now also available in the Darkest Hues shade (in addition to Lighter and Darker), which is what I tried for my near-black hair.

Cake Beauty Rush Brush 2First of all, the packaging of the Cake Beauty Rush Brush is genius. It comes with a cap you can remove, and then you twist the bottom which contains the Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo, and use the brush to apply it directly to your roots. I found that there was very little mess and it all went in my hair, but this is a dark powder, so it’s probably best not to apply while wearing a white dress shirt before an important job interview. Other than that, you should be fine. It’s a great size to pop in your bag, and you don’t have to worry about any aerosol explosions.

Cake Beauty Rush Brush 3My favourite thing about the Cake Beauty Rush Brush is the sweet sugar scent, which shouldn’t be a surprise coming from Cake Beauty which only makes delicious smelling things, but I love how it leaves my hair not just looking fresher, but smelling fresher as well. If this scent was a perfume, I would definitely wear it! The product promises volume and I do feel like it helps absorb oil at the roots and give some life to my hair, but it’s not going to be super heavy on the volumizing.

The Cake Beauty Rush Brush is honestly the first dry shampoo I have tried that I have LOVED. I have tried other ones before that did the job and I would recommend, but this is the first time I am excited to use dry shampoo because it doesn’t show up on my dark hair, is easy to apply, and smells amazing. The Cake Beauty Rush Brush is a highly recommended and very convenient product for beauty on the go! Now I just need to buy some more Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo to refill my brush with…

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