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Beauty Gadgets

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Beauty Gadgets 2

Today I am going to be spending about a trillion hours traveling in order to get from middle of nowhere Nova Scotia to middle of nowhere Wisconsin. Since I’m on my way for a science workshop and conference, I thought I’d start off with the first (of hopefully many) pre-scheduled posts by sharing a few “beauty gadgets”. Basically, things you put batteries in or plug into the wall. This post is more of an overview than a review, but I wanted to let you know about these products from Silk’n and Emjoi that might interest you!

Silk'n Silhouette Review Silk'n Silhouette Review 3 Silk'n Silhouette Review 2

First up is the Silk’n Silhouette for Body Contouring and Cellulite Reduction which uses Bi-Polar RF Energy, LED Light Energy and IR Heat Energy to tighten skin over time. To use, you spread the Slider Gel over the area you are going to treat. There are three different energy levels, and depending on the body part there’s a range of suggested times and energy levels depending on your tolerance, although you should start with low.

To use, you slowly move the device in the directions indicated by the manual. I definitely felt warmth where I used the Silk’n Silhouette, so it is important to follow the instructions for use. The one issue I had was that I needed to apply more Slider Gel because the area would dry out and then the device wouldn’t “slide” well. You can also spread the gel on the Silk’n Silhouette itself and I prefer that method.

It is suggested you use the Silk’n Silhouette twice a week for 10 weeks to notice a difference. I haven’t given it the full trial period–honestly, I keep forgetting, and the treatments are quite time-consuming (about 10 minutes per thigh for example) and boring. I’d definitely put on a TV show while doing this! While this isn’t a full review, I can say I noticed a slightly increase in the tightness of my skin in the treated area after use, but I’d have to stick with it longer to see about any long term difference.

Emjoi MicroNail Review 3 Emjoi MicroNail Review Emjoi MicroNail Review 2

Next up I have two products from Emjoi for your feet and nails. The Emjoi MicroNail comes with two buffing wheels and two shining wheels that you put onto the end of it. Once you add the included batteries (YAY included batteries!) the wheel will spin, buffing or shining your nails.

Especially with the Emjoi MicroNail buffer, you have have to be very careful and only use it for a very small amount of time, as it says in the instructions, or you can really damage your nails. However, even just using the shinier, I was super impressed by how shiny and polished my nails looked. I usually feel like I need to cover up my nails with a coat of polish, and they have a lot of ridges in them, but using this they looked amazing natural. It’s definitely a tool to use sparingly (especially that buffer), but it makes for a great at home manicure.

Emjoi MicroPedi Review Emjoi MicroPedi Review 2 Emjoi MicroPedi Review 3

Finally, as you get your feet ready for sandals, you may want to check out the Emjoi MicroPedi. This buffing tool comes with two different “roughness”. Once you add batteries (sadly does not come included) the buffer will spin, and you can gently run it along your rough skin to help smooth it out.

With the Emjoi MicroPedi, as with any buffing tool, you want to be very careful and not use it for too long, but it’s definitely satisfying to get rid of some of that dead skin from winter. If you do at-home pedicures I think this would be a great tool to have and it would also make a great gift.

Beauty Gadgets

And that’s it for my first round up of Beauty Gadgets. Whether you are looking to smooth out your cellulite, nails, or feet, there’s a gadget for you to try!

Have you tried any of these Beauty Gadgets before? Would you?

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