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Beauty Box 5 September Review

Well this is a late post for the Beauty Box 5 September box! I had some issues with my August box due to moving that are being sorted out so I’ve decided to do these in reverse order (and I’ll probably be getting October soon too!) Anyway even though it’s a late post, it was a great box and I figured I might as well share and hopefully I’ll get into better posting habits soon.

beauty box 5 september

Honestly, the first month I got BB5 (back in June) I wasn’t super impressed, but since then they have really stepped up and I am lovely the boxes lately, so I was pretty excited to see what was inside the Beauty Box 5 September Box.

beauty box 5 september 3

Not bad! One of the new things about the Beauty Box 5 September Box is that they started to have themes, which are represented by a little blurb on the glossy card. I’m not sure all of these items really fit with the theme which was “On The Go” but they are mainly ones I am happy to receive and I can appreciate the effort to be cohesive in a box. It’ll be interesting to see what they manage with October.

beauty box 5 september 4Body Drench- Lip Drench in Mango (Full Size, $4.99)

Honestly I have way too much lip balm so it’s a bit boring to receive and usually I would have passed it on, but mango just so happens to be one of my absolute favourite flavours so I had to keep it! I want to finish up a few more tubes before starting this, but overall I’d say this item is a success for Beauty Box 5 September, especially given the flavour.

beauty box 5 september 7Every Beauty – Makeup Remover Pads (5 pad sample pack,  $0.70)

These seem incredibly convenient for travel, and I probably should have taken them on one my weekends away but I’ve gone the lazy makeup wipe route instead (and my skin has suffered!) I’ll definitely be packing these on a future trip though.

beauty box 5 september 5Skiin Shop –  Skin Smoothing & Soothing Eye Cream (3ml sample, $9.99)

Like the H20 products Beauty Box 5 has featured in the past, Skiin is a more expensive brand I doubt I would have picked up on my own. The tube itself is cute and I like that it’s resealable so I guess that makes it “on the go” even though it’s technically an eye cream, I’ll definitely take it with me when traveling as well.

beauty box 5 september 8Bella Pierre Cosmetics – Celebration Shimmer Powder (Full Size, $15)

Probably the item from my Beauty Box 5 September Box I was least excited about was this shimmer powder. I swatched it (below) and it really is shimmery!

beauty box 5 september 9

You get a lot of shimmer but not as much pigment as I would have liked. It uses a sifter which is a bit difficult for me, and I don’t really think this is an “on the go” item. It’s nice that it’s full size, but if I can find this product a new home, that’s probably where it’ll go. I haven’t actually worn it so I don’t know about lasting power, but I think you’d need something to help it stick.

beauty box 5 september 6Fine Featherheads – Fly Ties (4 pack, $7.95)

When I got these elastics originally I was pretty bored and disappointed by them, especially since there was a gray pack that went out well which I would have preferred. But I really did have to grab them “in a pinch” and they weren’t as bad as I remembered from the ones I got from Julep previously.

Overall I’m pretty happy with my Beauty Box 5 September box. I think that BB5 has really stepped it up over the last few months, and with my yearlong subscription I’m only paying about $8 a box and definitely getting my value from it. It’s a nice way to partake in the beauty box trend without too much of a price tag attached. You can also get a 3-month subscription for $30 which is a good way to test it out.

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If you are interested in subscribing to Beauty Box 5, it’s too late for the October box but there’s no wait list and you’ll be sure to get the November one. If you’re willing to use my referral link, I’d be incredibly grateful and send lots of good skin karma your way.

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