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Beauty Box 5 October Review

After some great customer services from BB5, I was even happier when the next day my Beauty Box 5 October Box arrived! I was remained pretty happy even after I opened the box.

Beauty Box 5 October 8

One of the newer additions to Beauty Box 5, which we first saw in the September box, are themed info cards. This month’s theme was “take it easy” but more than one product talked about how it was convenient “on the go” which was last month’s theme and therefore a bit confusing to me! That said, I’d say the items in the Beauty Box 5 October Box had at least some connection to the theme, and I’m personally more concerned about getting items I like than about them being curated to some theme, so I’m not too picky.

Beauty Box 5 October 7

This is one of the cheapest subscription boxes you can get, and with the yearlong subscription I have my Beauty Box 5 October Box only cost me about $8.33 (and now it’s down to $8.25, as the yearlong subscription is $99 if you’re interested in signing up). This month’s box came with 5 items, only one of which was full size (and it was pretty low value) however the sample sizes were mostly pretty generous so I didn’t mind. No foil packets!

Beauty Box 5 October 6

Here are the contents of my Beauty Box 5 October Box– lots of sparkle this month! A few of the items are quite boring, but there are two I was really excited about and they make up for the whole box. I’m going to save them for last though!

Beauty Box 5 October 5Swissco Glitter Toe Seperators ($2, one size)

Feel like a princess during your next pedicure with these handy little glittered piggy-parters!

These are decent quality but nothing special, I actually don’t paint my toes very often and never bother with these when I do, although maybe the fact that they’re sparkly will make me more likely. It’s the only full size item in the box and you often get this kind of thing for free so it hardly counts (I have another pair from a Julep box I think.)

Beauty Box 5 October 4La Fresh Travel Lite-Facial Cleaning Wipes ($19.99 for 48, sample is 8 wipes, $4)

Packed with aloe vera, cucumber, chamomile, marshmallow and tea plant botanical extracts these hydrating, oil-free facial cleansing wipes work with all skin types. Simply open, unfold, cleanse and go!

I haven’t tried these yet but I like the other La Fresh wipes I have. However, like Swissco, this is a repeat brand so I wasn’t super excited to get this in my Beauty Box 5 October Box. That said, I’ll definitely use these and the packaging will be handy for traveling–– which is definitely more of a “on the go” item than a “take it easy” one, I think.

Beauty Box 5 October 2Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion ($6.99 for 8 oz; sample is 1 oz, $0.87)

Clinically prove to help improve the health of skin one day, this emollient moisturizer is formulated to help prevent dryness. It will leave your skin feeling soft and naturally healthy.

Boring! Seriously. This sample has a value of less than a dollar, and I’m sure it’s fine, but just bored and unimpressed by it. That said it’ll be handy in my purse and I’ll definitely use it. But there aren’t enough sparkles.

Beauty Box 5 OctoberNubar Alter Ego Nail Lacquer in Kristal ($8 for 0.5 fl z; sample size 0.25 flz, $4)

What’s more fun than glitter nail polish? Um, nothing! Use alone for a beautifully translucent finish or over your favourite fall color for a glitter-studded top coat.

Finally, sparkles! We’ve also gotten a Nubar polish before, but they were cremes and this one is a glitter which is way more exciting and perfect for winter. It’s a half size bottle but decent all the same (only 1 mL less than Julep’s full size bottles). I have a lot of polishes I have to use but I’m thinking I’ll have to test this one out pretty soon, it’s so glittery and I’ve never tried Nubar.

Beauty Box 5 October 3Model Co Cheek and Lip Tint ($22.00 for 0.03 oz–mislabeled on info card, should be 0.33 oz; sample size 0.16, $10.67)

This lightweight, 2-in-1, tint makes beauty on-the-go a whole lot easier! The long-lasting gel formula goes on smooth and gives lips and cheeks that to die for rosy glow! Just squeeze a bit onto your finger and apply gently.

While the rest of the box was all the same, there were 3 different possible Model Co products and I am incredibly glad I got the one I wanted. I love these sorts of Benetint-like products and I’m really happy to try this out. It’s half size, but still has an $11 value. My Beauty Box 5 October Box cost me less than that! And even if you go month to month, it’s only $12, so that’s why I don’t mind that some of the other items weren’t super exciting, between this and the Nubar polish my box was more than paid for and I got two things I really like.

Overall, the value of my Beauty Box 5 October Box was $21.54. Not bad! I am most excited by the tint and the polish, but I’ll still get some use out of the other products. If you’re interested, you can click here to see all my other Beauty Box 5 Reviews.

What do you think of my Beauty Box 5 October Box? Would you be interested in subscribing to BB5? If so, please use my referral link (click here) and I will be very grateful to you!

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