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Beauty Box 5 July Review

My Beauty Box 5 June box did not blow me away, but by the time I got it I’d seen a spoiler or two for July and was already excited to get my next book. My Beauty Box 5 July box didn’t disappoint! The tiny turquoise box fits nicely into my apartment mailbox (a plus for me since I go to the post office quite often as is) and costs between $8.25 and $12 a month depending on the length of your subscription. If you are interested in trying out Beauty Box 5, I’d love if you signed up using my link.
beauty box 5 july
As I said, I received my first Beauty Box 5 box in  June, and you can click here to heck out other Beauty Box 5 reviews. BB5 tends to contain around 4 to 5 products and usually one is full size, although they only promise sample sizes. Beauty Box 5 July had 5 items and 3 of them were full size! (Although one was a full size travel product.)

Here’s what I got:

beauty box 5 july 2

For the Beauty Box 5 July box there was a glossy product card (last month it wasn’t glossy) detailing the products in my box. There seem to have been two different versions of the box one which had the H20 product and another had an Airelle serum sample. There were also many different possible lip gloss options.

beauty box 5 july 4

Every Beauty– Foot Smoother (Full Size, $8.99)

This handy little scrubber restores skin’s natural by removing rough, dry, cracked skin through a dual textured dermabrasion coating. It’s great for hard-to-reach areas like near and in between toes and it’s also great for knees and elbows! For best results use dry on dry skin!

This seemed like a really good item for summer, and I like the fact that you can wash it, so I was happy to receive it in my Beauty Box 5 July box even if I am pretty much fine with my feet. I tested it out dry and I think it did a decent job though I don’t have much to compare to it, I did think it would be a little rougher / stronger with its removal.

beauty box 5 july 6

Jean Pierre Cosmetics– Nail Polish Remover Wipes (2 wipes, $0.80 value– full size is 10 wipes)

Never worry about a cracked or peeling polish again with these travel-ready, pre-packaged polish-removing wipes! They’re Acetone-free and contain vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 for nourished cuticles! Just open, unfold and rub that polish right off!

Isn’t the packaging on this horrendous? I hardly even know what company made these! That said, I wear a lot of polish so I’m okay with any product that helps with its removal. I tried these out and they weren’t enough on their own to take off both hands of polish, though they managed okay with a creme, once there was some shimmer involved, not so much.

beauty box 5 july 3

Be A Bombshell– Lip Gloss in Vixen (Full Size, $14.00)

Offering a long-lasting color and high shine, Be A Bombshell’s lip gloss can go from sheer to full coverage in just a few coats!

I was really really excited about this when I saw the spoilers but the shade of gloss I got in my Beauty Box 5 July box was a bit bright for me. I was hoping to find swatches online and am waiting to use it until I do. I really can’t pull off a bright red lip, but because this is a gloss I’m hoping it might be more sheer. I haven’t tried Be A Bombshell before and it’s a new brand for BB5 so I was happy to get it in my box (and this item alone more than pays for this month’s box, even if you’re paying the month-t0-month rate!)

beauty box 5 july 5

La Fresh– Travel Lite Antibacterial Wipes (Full size, $1.99–8 wipes)

“Spreading germs & bacteria is definitely a touchy subject.” That’s why we love these travel-friendly, antibacterial wipes! These biodegradable cloths kill 99.9% of germs and condition hands with aloe and vitamin E. Just open, wipe off hands and go!

Honestly I am not one of those people who uses antibacterial gel or wipes or anything like that and it’s worked okay for me so far, but this is a nice handy packet and I will put it in my purse or use it when I’m traveling and might actually want it. I haven’t opened the pack cause I don’t want them to dry out. It’s not the most exciting thing I could have gotten in my Beauty Box 5 July box, but it’s not too bad either.

beauty box 5 july 7

H20 Plus– Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment (0.27  oz, $5.72 value– full size is 1.7 oz)

Younger-looking skin is just a day away with this power-packed hydrating treatment Marine botanicals replenish and plump while multivitamins A & E help skin resist damage from environmental stress. It even has time-released ingredients that keep skin looking fresh all day!

This was pretty neat, it was a tiny little sample but the product is so expensive it actually had a high value. Plus, I’ve been using this for awhile and it’s still not done as you really don’t need much. With skin products it’s hard to tell if it does anything but i did have a bit of a cooling sensation after applying although my skin also felt a bit sticky that went away. I’ve been using this instead of moisturizer on my face, but I didn’t find it incredibly moisturizing so it definitely wouldn’t work alone if you had dry skin. I don’t mind using it on my skin but I wouldn’t purchase this for the full price. Still, I’ve enjoyed trying it out and although I might have preferred the other box with the serum, this was still nice to find in my Beauty Box 5 July box.

Total value for Beauty Box 5 July is $31.50

Overall, I was quite happy with my Beauty Box 5 July box. The value, along with varied content and most important, NEW brands, was nice to see, even if there were some familiar faces like Jean-Pierre and LA Fresh. I shared three spoilers for the August box (here) and it looks amazing. I’ll be getting mine a bit late because I’m moving, but I am quite excited to receive it. Really glad to see BB5 listening to feedback.

As a side note, I had my first experiences dealing with BB5 customer service and I was overall quite happy with it. They got back to me fast and did their best to accommodate me. Customer service is such an important part of subscription boxes, I just wanted to make a positive note on theirs.

It’s too late to receive the August box, but if you’re interested in signing up for Beauty Box 5 for September, here’s my referral link, and I’ll send lots of good skin karma your way if you use it!

What do you think of the Beauty Box 5 July box?

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