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Beauty Box 5 January 2014 Review

Even though it wasn’t the most exciting box ever, I really liked my December box, so I was pretty excited to receive Beauty Box 5 January box.
beauty box five january

Beauty Box 5 is a super affordable subscription box (a year is only $99!) and it gives you a mix of sample and full-sized items in makeup, skincare, and other beauty products. It’s not flawless, but I definitely look forward to receiving it every month.

beauty box five january 2

When I opened up the Beauty box 5 January box I could already tell it was quite full. But what was inside…?

beauty box five january 5H20 Plus Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash (30 mL, $1.36)

Unisex has never been, well, sexier. Made with mineral-rich red alga, aloe extract, and Vitamin E, this refreshing body wash boasts crisp notes of aquatic florals and sea grass that will make you feel like a new woman.

I’ve been pretty happy with the H20 products I received before, and this one has a similar, ocean scent that is really nice and refreshing. I own way too much shower gel, but I guess that’s not really BB5’s fault!

beauty box five january 4Jergens Daily Moisturizer (30 mL, $0.33)

Celebrate your skin! Fight rough spots and ashy knees with this silky everyday moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated (and stay seriously touchable) all day long.

Ugh, this is so boring and blah to get in my Beauty Box 5 January box. The problem is it’s such a cheap moisturizer that the sample is basically worth nothing (33 cents!) and I am super bored by it, but I’m sure it’s good for the winter time and I will add it to my ridiculous stash of lotion.

beauty box five january 6Nubar Cuticle & Nail Oil ( $5.00,  7 mL)

It’s time to get handsy! Make 2014 the year of perfect at-home manicures with this healthy jojoba oil elixir that comes in cute candy colors! Sooth inflamed skin and psoriasis by gently massaging a small amount around your nails.

Definitely my favourite item in the Beauty Box 5 January box! I love Nubar products so far, and I love cuticle oil. The scent is apple, but it’s quite faint. The brush was a bit hard at first but the bristles do separate. I really love the rollerball format of my Julep oil but this will be good to use at home (or when I run out). I need to be better with using cuticle oil, it makes such a difference!

beauty box five january 7Epic Blend Hemp Coconut Lip Balm ($3.99, Full Size)

Smell the sunshine! Keep this organic balm in your purse for kissable lips and motivation for future beach bunny time. Did we mention that it’s gluten and petroleum free, non-GMO, and not tested on animals. We’re in lip love.

Well this isn’t promising… two things I don’t like the scent of (coconut and hemp). So yeah, going the swap/giveaway pile. This brand looks good, but this particular flavour is not for me.

beauty box five january 9Swissco Bath & Shower Exfoliating Gloves ($5.00, Full Size)

Perfect for lovers of faux tans, these gloves let you easily rub away dead skin in hard to reach places to leave you soft and smooth all over. Just slip them on in the shower, pour your favourite body wash, and gently buff! Afterward, rinse and hang dry.

I have so many scrubs I’m not sure I need exfoliating gloves, but they are in the “try out someday” pile. I don’t think they are too scrubby so they might be good for a more gentle exfoliation you could do more often, and using your regular shower gel.

beauty box five january 8Bonus Product: That Awkward Moment Mirror Compact

This mirror is kinda cute and it’s free so no complaints, but quite obviously advertising so I may end up decorating over it before I put it in my bag.

beauty box five january 3Overall, the Beauty Box 5 January box value is $15.68. That is definitely not one of the better boxes I have gotten from BB5, but it is more than you pay for the box (month-to-month the max you would pay is $12) so that’s good. I do like a touch of makeup but I feel like this box does a good job of having everything you need to make your body feel good for the new year. I wasn’t blown away by its contents but I do really like the cuticle oil and shower gel and the other items will be put to use too. February is the anniversary month for Beauty Box 5 and there’s already been an awesome sneak peek:

beauty box 5 sneak peekIt’s not too late to sign up to get the February box, and if you decide to give it a try I’d love if you decided to use my referral link (here).

Have you tried Beauty Box 5 before? What do you think of the January box?

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