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Beauty Box 5 April 2014 Review

Doesn’t it feel like just earlier today that I was posting about the March box and now we’re already at the Beauty Box 5 April 2014 Review?

Don’t answer that.

Well anyway, this review is on time at least with what was a surprisingly makeup-heavy box for BB5.
Beauty Box 5 April 2014 Review 10
The theme behind the Beauty Box 5 April 2014 box was Shades of Beauty, with this note included:

We know you’re busy, but your beauty routine doesn’t need to move at breakneck speed! This month we’re focused on looks that call for a little leisurely layering, so enjoy your mornings and take more time for yourself–Rome wasn’t built in a day and a breezy spring look is totally worth an extra minute or two.

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Beauty Box 5 April 2014 Review 5

Jergens Natural Glow-3 Days  to Glow Moisturizer (Full Size: 4 oz, $9.99, BB5 Value: $2.10)

So I don’t care that this sample is actually worth $2, I have a ton of these already and you know where I got them? FOR FREE. I also don’t really care about fake tanning so thank you for that but now that we have the foil packets out the way we can move onto things I’m less annoyed by.

Beauty Box 5 April 2014 Review 4

Bonne Bell Lip Definer (Full Size, $3.95)

I’m not really excited to get this brand I admit, and something about this product, maybe the sticker on the cap, just looks kinda old to me? I have not, however, ever used a lip liner and this seems like a decent shade to start with so I will probably test it out before I judge it too harshly. I did a quick swatch on my hand and it’s not too hard.

Beauty Box 5 April 2014 Review

Nicka K New York Hydro Lipstick in Begonia (Full Size, $4.99)

I love my lip products and a full size one is definitely exciting even from a brand I’ve never heard of but this shade from just looking at the tube is dark and shimmery and not at all season-appropriate or something I’d really use, so it’s going to into the swap/give to somebody else stash. So far, not a great success for the Beauty Box 5 April 2014 box…

Beauty Box 5 April 2014 Review 3

Blum Naturals All Purpose Cleansing Wipes in Citrus Scent (Full Size, 30 Wipes, $2.49)

YAY! Is it bad that my favourite thing in the Beauty Box 5 April 2014 box is some cleansing wipes? But they are so cute and tiny, perfect for putting your purse or your desk. I also love that it’s a natural brand.

Beauty Box 5 April 2014 Review 2

BH Cosmetics California Collection Eyeshadow Palette (Full Size 16 Shadows & 4 Face Powders for $18.95, BB5 Value: ~ $2.84)

I might be more excited over this if I hadn’t seen it in Ipsy months ago. It feels like the Beauty Box 5 April 2014 box just got Ipsy leftovers… From the reviews I saw when it was in the Ipsy box the quality of this trio is okay, mixed depending on the shades, none of which I really am that excited for so I will probably be passing this on as well. BH does have some good looking stuff, maybe we’ll get one of those pretty baked eyeshadows Ipsy had next month…

Beauty Box 5 April 2014 Review 6Total value of Beauty Box 5 April 2014 Box: $16.37

Overall, the value is okay, pretty low for BB5 and I’m not super excited about the contents either. It’s okay, especially when you consider it’s only about $8 a month with a year subscription, but if there weren’t other, better months to make up for it I wouldn’t stay subscribed. In fact, my BB5 subscription is coming to an end! I am hoping they have another fantastic promo to convince to stay but otherwise this may be one of my last reviews…

Do you subscribe to Beauty Box 5? What do you think of the April Box? If you’re interested in subscribing, here’s my link!

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