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Beating the Post-Holiday Blues with Stephanie

I’m pretty excited to have Stephanie from Beauty Infinitum guest posting on Writing Whimsy today because not only does she run an awesome blog–I’m especially loving her honest Scent Sundays posts at the moment–but she also happens to live in the Maritimes too. I swear a meetup is happening someday, even if I just show up at her door. If you’re struggling with some early January blues, keep reading for some great tips on how to beat them! 

Hello everyone! I’m Stephanie from Beauty Infinitum, and the ever-so lovely Zoë invited me to guest post for her while she’s enjoying the beautiful Arizona weather. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

The presents have been unwrapped. The new year has been rung in. So… now what? January is often a dreary and cold month, and it’s easy to get into a slump after all the holiday cheer. While this isn’t meant as a substitute for actual seasonal depression (please see a doctor if you suspect you might have it!), here are some tips to bring some light into this dark month:

Listen to upbeat music.

Music can really help me get into a better mood, but it has to be positive or at least upbeat and catchy. From bubblegum pop to gangsta rap to cats, feel free to bop your head or dance around your living room. Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube are great places to find playlists or create your own.

Speaking of dancing…


I absolutely love the Just Dance games. If you don’t have them, you can find the routines on Youtube. They are not only great for exercise (you’ll seriously need a shower afterwards), they really boost your mood. Other forms of exercise are great mood-enhancers as well, such as yoga or walking.

Have an at home at spa.

Did you receive any bath and body products over the holidays? Now is a great time to use them! Bust out the body scrub, body butter, bath bombs, face masks, candles, and pamper yo’self. You and your body deserve it. I’m an addict of The Body Shop‘s products, and Freeman and Montagne Jeunesse make great, inexpensive masks.

Wear an uplifting fragrance.

I’m a bit of a scent-addict, and I love wearing a favourite fragrance to make me feel better. There’s everything from calming scents to gourmands to sensual blends. One I’m really loving lately is Demeter’s Mountain Air (PR sample), and while I live on a very non-mountainous island, it still smells so fresh and lovely.

Put on a pretty lipstick.

One thing I love doing, even when I’m not planning on going anywhere or wearing any other makeup, is take out a pretty lipstick or lip gloss and apply it. Search your stash for something you haven’t worn in a while or for your favourite shade. Even better if you find something in a shade you aren’t comfortable (yet) wearing outside. Experiment! And of course this works for eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, etc too! Something really fun is Annabelle’s My Lab lip gloss creator. The gloss in the photo is one I made using it, a pinky red with blue sparkles. I’m impressed with the formula and it’s very pigmented!


Tea is so delicious and there’s a kind for everyone. Lately I’ve been loving Tetley’s Warmth Cinnamon Spice tea (technically tisane), which is a rooibos-based spicy herbal blend with orange blossom. While I love loose leaf tea, I can be pretty lazy/frugal and will happily buy and drink this. Zoe has tons of awesome tea reviews, so check them out to find something for you!

Keep calm and watch cats.

I’m basically in love with the Tinykittens live cams and I will talk your ear off about them if you give me an opening. The kittens’ antics never fail to bring a smile to my face. If you don’t care for cats (!), check out’s cams. They’ve got lions and tigers and bears and puppies, oh my!


Just look at that face! That’s Cassidy, the super bipawd miracle kitten!

Write down the positives and the negatives of the day.

What was good? What was bad? Reflect on the positive and try to find ways to rectify the negative. Something I learned many years ago was to ask myself: “Will this matter in a week? A month? A year?” Essentially; don’t dwell on insignificant mistakes and difficulties.

And remember: spring and summer always arrive. Except sometimes when there’s a big volcanic eruption. But I’m pretty sure spring 2016 will show up. You’ve gotten through years of Januaries, and you will get through this one too.

I hope these tips helped! Thanks so much, Zoë, for having me on your blog! –Stephanie

Thanks so much to Stephanie for stopping by, and make sure to visit  Beauty Infinitum for awesome, authentic reviews . She’s also really good at sharing deals so you don’t have to scour the internet yourself. I’m taking her advice to beat the post-holiday blues quite seriously…it’s why I’m in Arizona at the moment!

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