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Ban.Do Florabunda Planner (17 Month Large Agenda)

Ban.Do Florabunda PlannerNot too long ago I picked up the adorable Ban.Do Florabunda Planner (17 Month Large Agenda) and now that it’s August I’m finally able to use it! I did have a planner before but it was much smaller and I wanted more room to write and–let’s be honest—decorate. I have been ‘exploring’ the planner community over the past few months, and I was definitely interested in Erin Condren, but for several reasons including price this one seemed liked a great place to start.

I picked up my Ban.Do Florabunda Planner at Chapters with a 15% off coupon, but it’s still in stock and full price it’s $32 (although Chapters lifestyle items often go on sale).

Ban.Do Florabunda Planner  3I thought I’d do a little post sharing the inside of my Ban.Do Florabunda Planner, just because that’s exactly what I looked for when purchasing. It’s also really cute inside and I thought it might be fun to do the occasional planner post, depending on how using it goes, so now you get to see how it started off! Ban.Do Florabunda Planner 4I have the Ban.Do Florabunda Planner with the floral cover and I LOVE it. I think it’s really adorable and just perfect for me. Inside there’s a blue folder with a cute quote, and the first page leaves a space to write your name. When you flip past that there’s a cute sheet of stickers, which I love but I don’t really want to use but obviously I should…

Ban.Do Florabunda Planner 5The Ban.Do Florabunda Planner also includes  a glimpse ahead at the next two years, as well as a month-based calendar at the front for you to fill in any special dates.

Ban.Do Florabunda Planner  7 Ban.Do Florabunda Planner  8Each month of the Ban.Do Florabunda Planner has its own cute cover page, so I photographed a few different ones to share below. The version I have goes from August until December 2016, and although the monthly pages are made of the same paper as the rest, they are tabbed so you can easily flip to the right month. The monthly pages are colorful and thematic, I just love that little ghost for October!

Ban.Do Florabunda Planner 9 Ban.Do Florabunda Planner  13 Ban.Do Florabunda Planner  15 Ban.Do Florabunda Planner 17 Ban.Do Florabunda Planner  16On the back of the monthly intro page in the Ban.Do Florabunda Planner are two pages for writing notes for the month, which is a great place to keep track of things or do a little doodling. I am fairly happy with the coil, although if you carry your planner around a lot it might get beat up over time and I may have issues over the next year and a bit. However, one of the things that I didn’t like about the Erin Condren is how giant that coil is. I do like having a coil because it makes it easy to write and flip pages!

Ban.Do Florabunda Planner  10Each month also has a month-at-a-glance calendar, with a notes column on the left side, and colorful boxes for holidays. I love how clean and simple the design is, while also being really cute. I actually think the font used to for the months might be the same one I use on my blog… or very similar!

Ban.Do Florabunda Planner  11I also photographed a few examples of the weekly views in the Ban.Do Florabunda Planner. I love the horizontal layout, and that there is tons of space for each day. I do wish that Saturday/Sunday each had the same space, but I just have to write my To Do lists a little smaller! There’s also often a cute task at the bottom of the spread, and holidays (including a couple I hadn’t heard of) are filled in on the pages.

Ban.Do Florabunda Planner  12 Ban.Do Florabunda Planner 14 Ban.Do Florabunda Planner  19 Ban.Do Florabunda Planner  18In terms of paper quality of the Ban.Do Florabunda Planner, I have found it pretty good. It’s not super thick but I am able to use my pen and it’s not going to bleed through (although is you had a really inky pen it definitely would!) I have been using this planner for just over 2 weeks, and I spent a half of that on vacation, so I’m just starting to get a feel for it, but first impressions are definitely good!

Ban.Do Florabunda Planner  2Anyway, my Ban.Do Florabunda Planner got a lot of love when I shared it on Instagram so I thought I would give you a glimpse inside. Let me know if you are interested in having the occasional planning post, I could show you if I do any cute decorating (I do have quite a few puppy stickers inside…) and if I pick up any “planning supplies”. What do you think? Have you gotten hooked on the planning craze yet?

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