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Back From The Other Side (Of The World)

I just got back yesterday, after a month of travel, to Montreal and Israel and Istanbul and Oman and Bahrain; so I haven’t really had a chance to go through my photos properly or think about blogging or writing in any real clear way. Being away is good for some things: learning, experiencing, inspiring, but horrible for others: mainly actually getting things done. I feel like it’ll take me a little while to get back into things. And that’s okay. Sometimes I think we forget that we all deserve a break. Even though I know I’ll have to work extra hard on school-related stuff now, even though I missed my boyfriend and my bed and my apartment, the experiences and memories I have are irreplaceable.

I stopped writing this post to find one photo to share. Just one. A single photo to sum up the last month. Nearly an hour later, I have nothing. A photo, even if it is worth a thousand words, is still not enough.

Still, I keep coming back to this moment, as I touched the Western Wall in Jerusalem for the first time:

Just one moment, but what a memorable one it was. I am so incredibly lucky.

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