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Azzaro Pour Elle

Azzaro Pour Elle 5So I recently got the most giant box ever in the mail and I was super confused, because it was also lightweight. It turned out that inside was the new seductive scent, Azzaro Pour Elle*, along with a matching tote bag. The moral of this story is…sometimes small things come in large packages.

Azzaro Pour Elle 4I’ll start with the packaging, because that’s the first thing that catches my attention when it comes to fragrance. I love the simplicity of the Azzaro Pour Elle bottle, which is inspired by the sculpture of a Parisian showroom, filled with mirrors. You’re instantly drawn to that one careful detail, which is a thin jeweled band modeled after the lamé trim on many Azzaro designs. I’m a little reminded of Vera Wang Forever Vera, although this bottle is much more structural.

Azzaro Pour Elle 3Azzaro Pour Elle is composed of three cords: solar burst, magnetic seduction, and sensual sillage. It starts off with solar burst, which is composed of cardamom and lemony-spicy notes that I find a bit powerful, but do fade down to something more comfortable. As the top notes settle, the magnetic seduction, composed of rose and lily, come through, lending the scent its floral essence. Finally, there’s a warm base of sensual sillage made up of olibanum incense and cashmere wood, which is what gives it the slightly musky woodiness.

Azzaro Pour Elle 2Azzaro Pour Elle is a scent that I like best once it has had a few minutes to calm down, but it is still strong enough that one spray is all you need and it will last about 5 hours. The bottle is actually refillable, which is the first time I’ve seen that besides Thierry Mugler scents but I hope that it catches on, since it saves money and packaging.

Azzaro Pour Elle Overall, I think the mix of floral, spice and wood in Azzaro Pour Elle gives it the sensuous qualities that mean it would make a great night time perfume, especially in spring, although it’s definitely wearable during the day as well. It’s a lovely, seductive scent!

Do you switch out your scents for evening?

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