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Avon Outspoken Fresh by Fergie

Avon Outspoken Fresh by Fergie 3We’ve got another storm warning with 20 cm expected overnight (by this time this goes up in the morning, I’m hopeful I will have actually been able to make it into work) but I’m going to ignore that and share the summery scent Avon Outspoken Fresh by Fergie*.

Avon Outspoken Fresh by Fergie 4Avon Outspoken Fresh by Fergie is a limited edition variation of Outspoken scent that comes in a turquoise bottle with a plastic cap that resembles a crystal stopper. I only realized when writing this post but I seem to have the bottle facing backwards, as there is also orange text with the fragrance name on it. I find the packaging looks summery, but also a little cheap, although it is really an affordable perfume.

Avon Outspoken Fresh by FergieAvon Outspoken Fresh by Fergie combines juicy citrus notes of bergamot, grapefruit, blood orange and mandarin notes, mixed with light florals of blackcurrant flower, jasmine and magnolia, softened by sandalwood. When first sprayed the fruity notes are strongest, but the florals quickly become more apparent, keeping the scent fruity and fresh without being overly sweet. It’s not a scent I’m obsessed with, but that really is due to personal taste. Unfortunately, lasting power is only a few hours at most on me, so it does have to be reapplied throughout the day.

Avon Outspoken Fresh by Fergie 2Although it would also work for spring, to me Avon Outspoken Fresh by Fergie says summer fragrance in both packaging and scent. Have you tried any of the Fergie fragrances? I honestly hadn’t realized Avon had this partnership until now!

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